Carnage In Beirut

Carnage In Beirut

Sgt Grit and staff were recently visited by Purple Heart recipient Sgt Armando Ybarra. Sgt Ybarra was injured in the 23 October 1983 bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. During his rescue from the wreckage of the barracks a photo was taken that made its way on the cover of TIME magazines October 31, 1983 issue.

We are grateful for Sgt Ybarra's service and we are thankful that he decided to stop in and motivate us all.

Semper Fi Marine! 

10 thoughts on “Carnage In Beirut”

  1. We are always grateful when a Marine makes it home in one piece. Forever grateful to those who did not, and eternally mindful of the families they left behind to answer the call.

  2. It’s a shame that no one, at the time of the Beirut bombing, could connect the dots that would ultimately lead to the Twin Towers attack and the current slog in the Middle East. Who ever will wind up sitting in the White House in January 2017, let’s hope to God that some decisive actions will finally be taken to end this madness. In the mean time, we thank the Lord that Sgt. Ybarra made it home. Semper Fi!

  3. Anyone that was in Beirut during the 80’s will tell you, we knew this wave of violence from the middle East was going to be on our doorstep some day… just surprise it took so long.

  4. Its a shame that so few people today even take a moment on 23 October to remember the sacrifice that 241 U.S. service personnel made on 23 October. Hopefully they will never be forgotten! RIP SSGT Charlie Martin 0369 – GYSGT Edward Kimm 3371 – CPL James Silvia 3371 – CPL Stephen Spencer 3371 – LCPL Edward Soares Jr 3371 & ALL that paid the price so we live free in this great country. Semper Fi

  5. I remember when the Beirut bombing happened. I cried thinking about the cowardly way it happened. Semper Fi to them all.

  6. Semper Fi!! to All Marines!! I was station in Camp Lejunue 1981 to 1984.. MOS Artillery 8in Guns!! Tango 5/10 I remember that same Newsweek Magazine, with Lcpl Dorsey on a stretcher!!! God Bless Marine Brothers!!!!

  7. I was stationed at HQMC running messages from the SPINTCOMMCTR to the Commandant as the event unfolded. Had a friend, Arab linquist, over there. Was fearing seeing his name on the KIA or MIA lists as they came in. Luckily he was on a R&R ship when it happened. Glad he made it home. Prayers for the families of the others. 241 dead were the beginning of the war on terror.

  8. Viet Nam Marine says, my Prayers to the families of all my Marine Brothers who are the 241 KIA’S in the beginning of the WAR on terror. To Sgt Armando Ybarra I say welcome home Brother. I have say to my MARINE Brothers God Bless you!!!!

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