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Well Son Of A Gun

Corporal, 1981. Had received a Navy Achievement Medal for performance as a member of 6th Marines Rifle Squad. Did not have a Good Conduct Medal yet. 1982, Did a lat move to 0231 Intelligence Specialist, got assigned to 1/6. Spent a year busting my b-tt for that Bn under the direction of LtCol Fox. When I got my orders to go to Oki, the S-2 wrote me up for another NAM. Deploy to 1st MAW HQ on Okinawa. Working in the G-2 as the daily briefer for the CG, MGen Peterson. I get called out one day to go receive my award. Well son of a gun if it was for a Navy Commendation Medal. He pinned it on proudly, and I was just as proud that it was him doing it.

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Camp Fuji 1960


I was in Mike battery on that Dec. in Fuji . We used a duece and a half to hall the guys to Gotimba. Were you at the beach when we unloaded the powder and rounds for the 05 and 55? The crane on deck started to slide sideways right into the powder bags and all the old war vets on the beach hit the sand before the thing stopped sliding. I had no idea at that time, but it was a instinct reaction on their part as I stood there with my hands in my pocket.

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Marine Barracks Pearl Harbor Hawaii 1961

PFC Harlen, CPL Emerine & PFC Eng getting ready for duty on Nimitz Gate. PFC Davis, standing next to sign in front of barracks. PFC Eng ringing bell in front of barracks. We volunteered for duty in Okinawa 3rd Marine Division. Getting ready to ship out, missed being a grunt.

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Camp Fuji, 1960

In previous newsletters, Camp Fuji has been discussed. I came across some photos taken there in 1960. My time in HQ-4-12, Camp Hague, Okinawa, included two trips to Fuji, one in August and one in Dec. 4-12 did live-fire exercises there with the 105's. The top 2 photos are in Aug., note no snow on Mt. Fuji. Also note the Japanese meatball flying alongside Old Glory. The next picture is of yours truly, sleeping off a hard night of liberty in Tomaho and Gotemba. We lived in 8 or 10-man tents, can't remember which, and our sleeping arrangements consisted of a fold-up cot, rubber air mattress, and sleeping bag. There was no need of brooms for housekeeping, just a rake, as the floor of the tents was volcanic ash and sand. Very easy to keep tidy. The next picture was taken the day we arrived in Dec. Note the snow on Fuji. We were issued (2) green wool long-sleeved shirts, and a parka hood that fastened onto our field jackets. They had some kind of fur around the edges, and were quite warm.

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Still looking for L/Cpl. George Marshall

My conversation with L/Cpl George Marshall 1967 during Tet at Quang Tri. during a medivac of  wounded from Khe Sahn. I had submitted my first article and no responce. I have a photo of L/Cpl George Marshall. Also his photo was in the book I protest by David Douglas Duncan. L/Cpl Marshall is playing his Guitar in a bunker. The Photo was also in Life Magazine. I have the original picture out of life magazine signed by L/Cpl Marshall that makes it personal. Submitted by Sgt. Glenn A. Gray USMC.

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