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L/Cpl James B. Wolter Jr

L/Cpl James B. Wolter Jr.

L/Cpl James B. Wolter Jr. standing below a USA flag

My youngest son L/Cpl James B. Wolter Jr. is serving with 2nd LAR in Afghanstan. I sent him my American Flag thinking that he would keep it safe in his gear. I wanted him to have it as a daily reminder of just what they were fighting for. Little did I know that he would honor his old man in such a way. See, I carried this flag through my 4 years as a MARINE also. Do we need a better recruiting poster? I have this picture as my computer wallpaper, as my home screen on my Blackberry, frames at work and another at home. People now run and hide as I pull out my Blackberry uttering the famous words, ” Have I shown You my Sons Picture?” Proud Papa??? You think?

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2010 Deployment

This picture shows all the Sacrifices made by our Marine Families!!!! SSGT. Bernard J. Coyne and his wife Kathryn Coyne SSGT Coyne's MOS is EOD, and he is stationed at Camp Lejune, NC. Kathryn lives in Jacksonville, NC with their three children, Julianna, 9, Cadence,3, Bernard III, one year old SSGT. Coyne left Jan 19th aboard the Mesa-Verde. diverted to Haiti, on it's way to the Middle East.

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Happy Holidays from Afghanistan

Happy Holidays
Submitted by: C. Mullis

I hope this letter finds everyone during the holiday season having a great time. There has been a lot going on since my Thanksgiving letter, and coupled with all the letters and e-mails requesting information, this could be a long holiday message. That is the beauty of the delete button, if I start rambling, as much as the women in my family, you can delete out the parts you don't like.

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