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Art Work & Tattoo

Sgt. Grit,

I am the mother of two fine men who both have the honor of being called United States Marines! My oldest son, Cpl. Jonathan Rolfes, served from 2003 to 2008. Jonathan fought with 1st Recon. in Iraq for three deployments. His claim to fame is on the internet following a mishap with a Camel Spider! You can actually see his bite/wound at: My other son, LCpl. David Rolfes, joined the Marine Corps in 2008; just months after his brother got home! David is currently on his first deployment over seas in Afghanistan. He is serving with 1/6 2nd Marine Div., H&S Co., Motor-T Platoon. Before leaving to Afghanistan, David went out and got himself a new tattoo. The tattoo is an image of a soldiers hands in prayer while holding his precious rosary. I wanted to share with you the shadowbox picture frame that I painted; using the image of my son, the United States Flag, and his tattoo. I am very proud of both of my sons.

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Pencil Portraits

Semper Fi Devil Dogs. Look forward to getting your newsletters and hearing the stories from our brother and sisters, and also their families. Keep up the great work. Glad you have the catalog sales. My wonderful wife surprises me with something from your website every once in a while. I noticed that you are offering a pencil sketch of portraits. Attached is one my wife surprised me with several Christmas' ago. My son serves our country in the Navy( Our beloved Marine Corps Taxi Service) he is in the portrait with me and if you can make it out in the back ground a scroll with the Oath of Enlistment. Every bit of Marine materials I receive even after being retired for 12 years it makes my chest swell with pride.

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