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Wood Craft Gifts


I live in a retirement community which is also home to several Marines – WWI Guadalcanal, Chosen Reservoir, the Cold War and Viet Nam. A couple years ago I made myself an EGA from American black walnut and got a few comments from the vets. So I set to work making one for each and every one of them, plus a few for my fellow-Marines with whom I served in the 1950's. Thought you might like to see what they look like. Keep up the good work of keeping us "old" Corps guys informed and in touch. Semper Fi!

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USMC Seal Pumpkin

For the past 3 years that my some has been in the Marines. My husband has carved a pumpkin for him. We managed 292 pumpkin this past Halloween, and every year the Marine Corps pumpkin has been a huge hit. When we tell people it is to honor my son, Bryan & all the other Marines for their brave service, they tell us how great those men & women are. My husband is still trying to find a NAVY stencil for our daughter-in-law. Here's a pic of the pumpkin… before it was lit and after. Thank you all Marines & service personnel, stay blessed.

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