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If I had known

It was the typical muggy Camp Geiger night, I had the luck of being ROOD, Regimental Officer of the Day. I had our driver get us out of the hootch and we drove around in the night killing time. As it happened we went down one of the many back roads that criss crossed the camp and came up on a "suspicious" vehicle parked under some trres. We approached the car and was unable to see in, so we knocked on the driver's window. A young lady partially dressed rolled it down abd looked at me and said " What do you want?" Being overly impressed with myself that we finally had something to do I asked her and the companion to exit the vehicle. I was surprised to see LCPL Marvin H. Perkins pulling up his trousers and looking at me, as he was a machine gunner in my Weapons Platoon 2/8! I had to laugh inside as we were close to shipping over to the Root as it was a last good-bye for him and whoever she was. I could not help but envy him and had to tell them to shove off for a more private place.

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Beirut 83-84

Not much of a story. Just remembering all my buddies that we had trained with from 1/8 and 2/8 during the months leading up to the police action (what they called it) in 82. The word had gone out that 2nd MAR DIV needed Marines to come back to the FMF. So with that call – I gladly gave up my barracks duty (time was up anyway) and headed back down to 3/8 Weapons Co – Old Camp Geiger… Lejeune, home of the tainted water – been there drank that ! The only thing I really missed about Lejeune was Court Street – had a few Asian girlfriends back in the day. But as a SGT I had to stop all that extra activities and train. I loved the ranges because you could drive right on them from the highway and that made it great for when you had to be on the range for more than a week – I'd fill my old 1970 LTD trunk with ice-beer-soda and bring along the bar-b-Q to cook. Yes we got those MRE's but some were good – hotdogs and beans – eggs and ham – bar-b-q pork —- if you cooked them just right (with lots of hot sauce) – they didn't taste that bad… Wash them down with some PBR and you had a treat !

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cpl Chuck E.

Semper Fi MARINES….with so much to reflect on, how can you say it in so few words? H&S co. 2/6….I sat in the barraks the whole tour manning an intel radio (S-2). Now and again I'd walk a patrol thru "hooterville" with an unloaded weapon thinking to myself….there's something basically WRONG with this!! Anyway, when the "speaker of the house" came thru with his platoon of staff officers he decided we needed to take down all the tar barrels and tangle foot we had in place. Thank the Lord for our CG, he told him to sh#t in his hat. 1/8 took over and the rest is history. When the barraks went up we were on fly out alert, so 24hrs. later we were standing back in that sh#t hole. I'll never  get the site of that building out of my mind……all the friends that went down with it……………….sorry, started feflecting again. Semper Fi my brothers and sisters for we will NEVER forget!

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Beirut Vets In Massachusetts for Daryll Bradley

For daryll Bradley, Hey Marine. We must have crossed paths over there I was a track commander with 3/8. Anyway most of us went to the State Police. Steve Godfrey is still on the job and chapter president of the mass. chapter of Beirut Vets. He could find some guys for you if you want.  Semper Fi

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Prior submission

Dear Sgt Grit,

I sent a story that was probably too long to print. However, after reading it again, I realized that it may cause some pain for some people should they read it. At the time, I never considered what would happen should a family member read something that they never knew concerning their loved one. Whether it is the deseased next of kin or the Marines involved in his recovery. I spoke to a few of them already and they said that my memory was very accurate. Nevertheless, I don't believe that it would do any good for the family to read such details regarding their loved ones. Furthermore, I named some Marines that may have never told their children about what they experienced in the Corps. Maybe some memories are better left unspoken? Hopefully, you can ensure that it is not posted. Thanks in advance. Semper Fi.

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