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A Copy Of Sgt Grit’s Catalog

In August and September, 2015, my wife and I were on a series of photo safari camps in Botswana, Africa. During our first days in Camp Sango, while talking with other guests, it was noted that I was a U.S. Marine of the Vietnam era. Imagine my surprise, a few days later when we arrived at our next camp… when the manager of Camp Savuti took me over to the Bar, and there… I found a copy of a Sgt. Grit's catalog.

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Campaign Dates

Your site is prized by most Marine veterans that I know. When I wear the cover shown above, I do not do it to have people thank me for my service. That is appreciated; however the reason I wear it is that I get "Semper Fi" and "Ooorah's" from folks I'd never met before and it usually strikes up a good conversation of when they served and where. Many times, they want to know where I got my cover and I am happy to share that it is your website. I personalized my ribbons on my cover by adding campaign stars and my "60-" device to the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Ribbon. I got a generic Vietnam Service Ribbon bumper sticker and made a stencil to add my campaign stars with spray paint. I've had a lot of interest in this and usually got some chuckles when I told them how I did it. Feel free to publish the Vietnam Service Medal campaign dates. You might put out some feelers to see if folks might be interested in personalizing their covers or bumper stickers to reflect their time in "the Nam."

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Reading His Favorite Catalog

What a pleasure it is to know MSgt Burris and really his entire family. When MSgt gets a visit from his granddaughter, Amanda, we are sure to see him here at Sgt Grit. He knows his way around our store. He goes right to the products he wants to see, he stops and visits the desks of the employees that he has not seen since his last visit and he is sure to stop in and line out Sgt Grit for a moment. There is nothing like watching two Marines rib each other all in good fun and camaraderie. We are missing MSgt Burris already and we count the days until he visits us again. A big Semper Fi to you MSgt Burris! Come see us.

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