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Iwo Jima Veterans in attendance

Each year we celebrate the birth of our Corps by attending a Marine Corps Birthday Ball. Since we live in a metropolitan area, and are not near a Marine Corps facility, we have the Ball on a Saturday as close to the 10th of November as possible. As you know the 10th doesn?t fall on a Saturday every year, but since it did this year we wanted to do something even more special. What better way than to honor those Marines that have become our legacy. It is those Marines that have come before us that have made our Corps what it is today. They are part of our history and their actions and deeds have set the standard by which all Marines are judged.

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Can We Use My “Knife” To Cut The Cake?

By: Mike Mooney, Cpl. of The Marine Corps, 1959 – 65 – 2571

Judge Advocate, Det. 1163, Marine Corps League, Hickory, N.C.

As we Marines prepare to celebrate the birth of our Corps each year we are sometimes amazed at the wide range of stories that begin to emerge. Here in Hickory, North Carolina our detachment has a genuine icon living in our midst and listed in our roster. John Link, a verified member of the "Class of '34" who reached the Warrant Officer rank of Gunner during his service, brought one of the stories of the Battle of Iwo Jima to life at the detachment’s Marine Corps Ball.

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USMC Birthday Honolulu

Aloha kakou;

On Monday, November 5, 2007, veteran Marines of V.V.A. Oahu Chapter 858 were greeted by a detail of Camp Smith, HI. Marines, organized by SSgt Obi Rogers, PAO. SSgt Rogers and her detail first visited Marines at Tripler AMC that morning and then to the Oahu Veterans Center to visit with us. They even brought us cake. After talking story with these young Marines and telling our own war stories, we all gathering in a circle and sang Happy Birthday to ourselves. It was one of those full-circle moments. We were so impressed by these sharp young Marines and for their enthusiasm for the Corps and for life that I had to share this story. To all active duty and veteran Marines, we salute you.

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Birthday Ball in 1968

I really love your newsleter. Your newsletter would have been a great compliment along with Stars and Stripes and the Sea Tiger while I was in Vietnam.

My first Birthday Ball took place at the California Club in San Francisco in 1968 when I was stationed at Marine Barracks, Hunters Point. The guest of honor was non other than Pappy Boyington. Unfortunately, I was plagued with the Hong Kong Flu but nevertheless, I proudly participated with the color guard during the celebration. During the "present arms!" command, I was swaying as I lowered the American Flag. Mr Boyington assisted me by bringing the staff up to its proper position. He could see that I was ill and after the ceremony he suggested that I find a comfortable place to rest and to not partake in the celebration (drinking). I regret never getting his autograph and I definately regret never taking pictures.

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Camp J. J. Carroll

Sgt. Grit, In your last letter, Gysgt John D. Foster wrote:

"In late 1967, our platoon (Echo 2/9) was returning to Camp Carroll after a long op in the bush."

I don't know if the Gunny, knows where Camp J.J. Carroll got it's name, but the timing of his letter could not be better. (Happy Birthday Marines) The hill was know to us who operated out of there earlier as The Artillery Plateau. It was renamed and dedicated to Captain Carroll on the Marine Corps Birthday in 1966 following Operation Prairie. The attached photo may be hard to read, so I'll type it so all can know the history.

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