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Marines NEVER drink

The attached three photos were taken by a Canadian citizen who came south in 1967 and joined the USMC (Uncle Sam's Misguided Children) so that he could go to Vietnam and fight. Boy! Did he get his wish. He became a machine gunner with 1 / 5 and found himself in the middle of the Tet "celebration" of 1968 smack in the middle of Hue City. By the way, it is my understanding that between 10,000 and 15,000 Canadian citizens joined the American military for service in Vietnam. That's a good neighbor for sure.

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2nd Reunion

This is our second reunion since I got out in 1983, and found these guys thanks to my computer. There were three that couldn't make it this year including a lt. col. that is retiring next year. We were his first unit as a second lt. We are planning on going to camp Lejune for the ceremony in June 2002. I'm still looking for a few more marines that we served with. By the way my last name is Fioretti, nobody said it right it just came out Freddy, after the first year it was shorten to Fred, that's where camp Fred is. I hope the pic comes through.

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Camp Mcterous/Camp Butler Okinawa

I thought some of your readers might enjoy this photo of 3rd Service Battalion, Camp Mcterous/Camp Butler Okinawa and the small ville "Kawasaki" just outside the main gate. I did two tours at this base 61/62 and came back a year later 63/64. First tour in 2nd Lt Supt Co and the second tour in Medium Supt Co.

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