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Repro Unit Okinawa 1971

Attached is a picture of our Unit party on Okinawa 1971. A rare occurrence for a variety of reasons. Could you print it in the Magazine.

Repro Unit, Service Co, Hq Bn, 3rd Marine Division, Camp Courtney Okinawa 1971. Some of us went down south, and some of us did not. But, we were all on the main staging base for Vietnam, in direct support of the war.

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Marine Corps Hymn Power

Ron Sandburg of Bixby, OK, came by the store the other day. He has installed one of the horns on his scooter. Just after entering the doorway he plays it. You know…. the women in my office just do not appreciate the positive benefits of hearing the Marines' Hymn at high decibel levels. So I took his picture and here he is.

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Red Patch Marines

Unfortunately, I had to relinquish my command prior to their "Call to Glory". Nonetheless, I feel very much a part of this fine group of men and their families and wish to share their past and present with you and your readers.

A Company, 4th LSB, Seattle, WA Desert Storm.
A Company / H&S Company, 4th Landing Support Battalion, 4th FSSG, 4th Marine Division, Seattle, Washington,

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