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5th Annual GriTogether

This year's GriTogether was a huge hit. We had Marines from all over in attendance. There was a lot to do this year, and we have pictures of the events and booths below… More pictures and descriptions will be added throughout the day.

Marine vehicles

USMC Motorcycle USMC Motorcycle USMC Motorcycle USMC Motorcycle Marine Racecar Marine Race car Marine Hummer Marine Hummer Marine Car Marine Car Marine Leathernecks Marine Leathernecks Marine Leathernecks Marine Leathernecks Marine Racecar Marine Car Marine Transport


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3rd Annual GriTogether Saturday, May 13, 2006

We had an outstanding day. This was a great time for Marines, family members, and supporters to get together. **Click on any of the pictures for a larger view.


YL-37 "Ugly Angel"

YL-37 Landing YL-37 Landing

This amazing piece of history flew into the GriTogether complete with a traveling museum. More info on the YL-37 Group Foundation

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1st Annual GriTogether Saturday

Friday Night – Some out of town guests had a Pre-GriTogether

Andrew and Rosemary
Andrew & Rosmary

Grit Friends
More new friends!

Edith and Gene
Edith & Gene

Don, Glo, and Ma Grit
L to R: Don (Sgt Grit), Glo, and Mrs. Grit

Velcro and Pam
"Velcro" and Pam

David Bounds
Mr. David Bounds (right)
and friend

John Wear and Gene Hayes
John Wear & Gene Hayes

Saturday was the BIG day!!!

We had a UH-34D fly in!

Ugly Angel Ugly Angel 1
Ugly Angel 2
Complete with historical photographs
Ugly Angel 3

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