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Kabar, the Marine Corps Bull Terrier

Sgt. Grit,

Since I last sent you a picture of Kabar she has been promoted to PFC twice and busted to private twice for pooping on the sidewalk. I am glad to say that as of today she has progressed from private to PFC, and finally to lance corporal. Her MOS is 9999 (useless dog with a bad attitude). The question of a good conduct medal is still up in the air. Kabar's greatest ambition in the Corps is to be eventually assigned as sergeant of the guard at a dog food factory.

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Bruce the Moose newspaper clipping

Here we are again the Gunny is making a big hit around my area every one thinks he so Marine He dose what a marine is told to do with out questioning it he has been on meny missions in the last 2 years ..If he can make a Family smile when they have lost a loved one or make an old marine in a nursing home or soldiers home smile thats all that matters, Hes a Patriot Gurad Rider mascot Since im A ride captian & flag director the gunny is mine to take care of and hes only 22 months at this point ..hes a real little trooper.. We have done home commings and send offs and also been there for are fallen troops (Gunny Sgt Bruce The MOOSE)

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Moose in Dress Blues

This is gunnery Sgt Moose in his new Dress blues 67 pounds of all pride. And he's my Little Marine all the way he's a great companion and the Marines in my area just love him and the VSO of all the towns around us ask if he will come to there events and I take him. He's good for moral and he's an all around good pal I never leave home with out him.

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Picture for Sgt Grit

Sgt Gritt,
I am a retired Marine. I bought my wife a yellow lab puppy and after going through all the names we could think of everything from Chesty, to Devil Dog, Sarge, and various others my wife said, why not name him after your rate? Corporal?? And it stuck!! We are customers of Sgt. Gritt and. I had previously purchased a "Corporal of Marines" shirt with his rate logo on the front. We decided to put the over-sized shirt on and my wife snapped this picture. It has become a fave around family and friends. Hope you all enjoy it too. Semper Fi!

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