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Camp Lejeune, N.C. Field Time.  Nov. 1984.

C Company, 2d Tank Bn. Out in the field with the good ole M60. We had been training with the new tows on the old jeeps. We had some down time, of course theres never down time if theres a NCO around. So we were directed to apply a good coat of white paint to the inside of our tanks. Easier to see the leaks. Good ole PFC "Mo" headed over to our green camoflauge tank with a gallon of white paint. We nicked him "Mo" the more he did, the mo he F*# it up. lol. So, "Mo" opens the can of paint. Sits on the fender. Smartly climbs up, grabs the can, sits on the lip of the loaders hatch. Which is about an width of 3 inches. "Mo" Climbs down the TC's hatch, gets inside. Reaches up and out to the can of paint. 

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1954 Ford and 45 Years

I have seen in the past few newsletters, Marines sending pictures of their cars and trucks with items from your store. I have just completed a nut and bolt restoration/customizing of my 1954 Ford F-100. I wanted to have something special made to honor my friends, friends I made 45 years ago in a really ugly hooch. I had the honor and the privilege to be with 11th Marines and living, eating, a tad bit of drinking, and standing watch with Don Whitton, John Gugliotta, and Jim Fuller. We still speak and visit to this day.

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Proudly Displayed

I've had my truck for a few years and have proudly displayed USMC products I've purchased from Sgt. Grit on it. I got my RV this year and as you can see I've already started with EGA's over the tail lights as well as the USMC memorial. It looks good but it would look great with a larger one of the memorial on the back though.

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Tribute 2014 Corvette Stingray Z51

I spent 14 years in the Marine Corps from 1965 to 1979. Now, as the Sr. Vice Commandant of the Marine Corps League (MCL), MGySgt John W. Zaengle Detachment in Glenside, Pa, I wanted my Vette to be "A Tribute To Our Marine Corps Veterans." Also to use the car at our local car shows to draw attention to the MCL and what we do Marines,
their families and veterans.

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RPG Magnets

Ernie Cheatham was the CO of Task Force X-ray… the entire organization of Marines that were tasked to clear the City of Hue during the 1968 Tet "celebration". I do not know where he was during the first few days of the fighting… but suffice it to say that our four tanks spent the vast majority of our time serving as a shield for the hapless Marine grunts who were thrown into the meat grinder and with carrying the wounded to be medivaced or their lifeless bodies to Grave Registration. See the attached photos…

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All-Terrain Chair

I have an 11th Marines Nam buddy who was just 'given' an All-Terrain Chair. The picture show Cpl Jerry Hodge, his wife, Beth and Chuck and Annette Lee who delivered the vehicle to him. Jerry heard about them, applied and in a fairly short time got his chairvehicle. He can now go hunting with his grandkids and other outdoor activities.

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