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I was in Alpha Company in the !st, 3rd, and 5th Marine Divisons. I started in Horno Camp Pendelton, California, went to Camp Henson, Okinawa then on to Viet Nam.  We moved around I Corps a bit, then I headed back to Camp Pendelton Ca. There a few photos on my web gallery of the Ontos. if you wish to see them go to 

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Ontos = “The Thing” = Pigs

They were doomed from the onset. The Army dumped them on the
Corps around 1957. Tow's were well into development and the Army
preferred them. Little did they know what a fine fighting
platform Ontos were. Anti personnel rounds were developed and
used with great effectiveness in V.N. and no enemy tanks until
Tet of 68 I was schooled at Camp Delmar Track Schools Bn.s in
1965. I served in 1st- 2nd- 3rd Bn.s and Div.'s They saw service
in at least two other Theaters of Operation then unceremoniously
sold off to third world countries.

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