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In November 1988 I had the occasion to have breakfast at the Commandants Residence with 9 other MCL members, I was introduced to Commandant Gray as RAMBO..the nickname given to me by 56 Marines in the MCL, when he shook my hand I thought he was going to break my knuckles. The ten of the General and his wife were eating sconces and drinking coffee…the 10 of us drank out of regular mess hall coffee cups, the design had not changed in 20 years, I know because I was a Marine Cook… the General and his wife… he referred to her as the “Boss” drank their coffee out of canteen cups… of course his had 4 Stars on it…a few months after that in Dallas Texas…at the MCL National Convention, the General… came up and slapped me on the back and said something to the effect “How ya doin RAMBO”…with that, he brightened my whole year by remembering “lil ole me”.

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Raised An Eyebrow

In the previous century, in the days of Quonset Huts and M-14’s and Robert Strange McNamara’s accursed sateen utilities, I was proudly wearing the black fair leather belt of the Platoon Commander, (also otherwise known as the Senior Drill Instructor) and was, so far I as I know, one of only two SGT Platoon Commanders on the entire Depot (San Diego) at the time….the other being one ‘Frog’ Martin, whose top ribbon read “continued on the other side”… broken time after Korea, etc.

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A critical skills operator with 3rd Marine Raider Battalion, Marine Raider Regiment, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command received the Silver Star award aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., April 6, 2018.

The Raider received the award for acts of valor, saving dozens of hostages following a terrorist attack in Mali in 2015.

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I need your help so please read!

Attention family & friends of RICK KING as I expect EVERYONE to get right on this and for anyone else who is willing. My dad has terminal cancer and has been chosen for the Honor Flight in May, however, due to his condition he will be unable to go. They are working on a virtual reality experience for him so this is where I need your help…….. they want to do a “mail call” and issue him a bag full of letters & cards to thank him for his service. So even for those that don’t know him you can still just send a quick thank you to a veteran simple as that. But please hurry as I really do not know how much time he has left so quickly is a very important factor. Trying to get the virtual reality equipment to him within next 2 weeks. Please send letters or cards to :

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2nd Fumble, Stumble, Stagger and Gag

The name of the exercise has changed from ‘CAX’ (Combined Arms Exercise) to ‘Mojave Viper’ (If I’m up to date on that… no guarantees), but it involves infantry battalions, plus attachments and re-enforcements, moving to the Air-Ground Combat Training Center… or whatever they call that particular chunk of California Mojave desert… more commonly known as ’29 Palms’ or, ‘The Stumps’. There might be as many as ten of these exercises in a year, and were about half and half First and Second Division evolutions.

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I Informed The Commandant

“A Marine is a Marine… There’s no such thing as a former Marine.”
–General James F. Amos, 35th Commandant of the Marine Corps

Iraq, 2004

Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Hagee, visited his Marines in Iraq for some photo ops at the Al Faw Palace in Baghdad. Marines stood in line to have their picture taken with the Commandant. At the end of the line stood an Army CW04 (me). I informed the Commandant that I served in the Marine Corps in Viet Nam with 2/5 at An Hoa in 1967. I then asked if a former Marine could have his picture taken with the Marine Commandant.

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When Shadows Danced Under A Fading Red Star

When I open my eyes, I wonder if I’m dreaming. This entire operation has seemed unreal from the start.

It is pitch black and silent. I loosen the top of my sleeping bag, and my fingers reach out to feel the icy metallic floor. I move my body and bump into full ammo boxes. I remember now, I fell asleep in a Humvee.

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Battle Plans

In deference to a well-known movie actor re-educating his Recon gang, I must step up and clarify his “Gung Ho” phrase of “Adapt, etc.” We have all heard it numerous times, but the best one I ever heard was from our D.I. Sgt. Richardson. He referred to himself as “the meanest SOB you’ll ever meet, if you f-ck up!” He used a simple phrase/law of his called “The Dinosaur Rule”. If you don’t want to become extinct like the dinosaurs, you WILL adapt or you Will die! Battle plans are good until the first round is fired, then throw it out the window and adapt until you win!

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