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Americans Unite

Sgt. Grit,   Several months before I came home from S. Vietnam, I sat down one day to relax for a while and ended up writing a poem.  It was a short and very insignificant poem to most people, but to my friends and me it meant a lot.  Maybe I wrote it because I believed in America and the good things we stood for in this world.  Maybe I wrote it because we in ‘Nam at the time were sick and tired hearing about the jackasses back home, the Fonda’s, and draft dodgers we were protecting.  It’s amazing we in the service are called on to protect the liberties and rights of even those who don’t particularly care for our nation.   In any case, this is what I wrote:   Americans Unite   The seventeen months I’ve spent in ‘Nam have been slow,  Soon I’ll be going home to a country I don’t know. Everything in it has changed, I’ve read, The day I arrive I soon will dread.   The riots are raging like full-scale war, Something I wish to see or hear no more. If we here are to stand and fight, Then the people at home must unite.   Communists and militants range far and wide, Ripping apart our country’s morale, beauty and pride. They must be stopped and put in full retreat, Both here on the front and our own city streets.   Wake up Americans and take a look around, You’ll see roving bands destroying your ground. Look around and see your nation’s plight, In hope that you too may then see the light.   The militants are no longer a mere pest, They are causing our nation discomfort and unrest. You must unite and form a common goal, And force them from your own front door.   They will then get the idea and stay away, ‘Cause they’ll know you patriots are there to stay. You then can be proud of yourself, ‘Cause your country was saved with your help.   Once again we’ll be strong not weak, Able to work a peaceful five-day week. No longer will our country be torn, And you’ll be proud you’re American born…   After I wrote this several guys in my outfit encouraged me to send it to my local paper as an editorial.  Most of the men in my outfit got sick and tired of hearing about the riots and the utterly worthless college students marching on campuses across the country who wouldn’t serve their country.  Those worthless, useless panty waste traitors need to pack their bags and leave our country for good.  We all felt like we didn’t need people in our nation who didn’t want to help defend it from aggression.  And just as bad were all the reporters, especially Walter Cronkite, who only reported the news in very liberal and left wing very biased reports.  Those reports were full of out and out lies, or at best half-truths, which they fed to the American public every night on the evening news.  Amazingly to this day, many people still think Walter Cronkite was a red-blooded American who really loved this nation.  If they looked back and really examined his newscasts, I think many would realize how far to the left he really was?   Sgt. John Bolton MOS 2533 -Hq 4/11 Headquarters Battery 4th Battalion, 11th Marines Vietnam – Oct 1967 – July 1969

World’s Best Fighting Man

You can keep your Army kyahk, You can keep your Navy Blue, I have the worlds best fighting man to introduce to you!!  His uniform is different, the best you've ever seen, the Germans called him "Devil Dog" but his real name is "Marine!!"  He was born on Parris Island, the place where God forgot, the sand was eighteen inches deep, and the sun was blazing hot!!  He got up every morning before the rising sun, He'd run a hundred miles or more before his day was done!!  He's deadly with a rifle, a boyonet made of steel, he took the warriors calling card and he mastered how to kill!!  And when he gets to Heaven, to St. Peter he will say, "One more Marine reporting sir, I've served my time in Hell!!"   I'm proud to say my Dad is a MARINE!!!

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I Am A Soldier

I am a soldier
I am a fighter
I am a son
I am a glider

I am full of anger
I am full of fear
Though my time was called
Please don't shed a tear

For I have fought my battle
Though I have lost
But I have done my best
And this is the cost

To my country
Though I did fall
To my family
I love you all

I have done my best
To stay alive
The rules of engagement
I did abide

Till I come home
Please show your support
For I am a soldier
And this is my report… 

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The Lonely Soldier

 When a heart is broken
What does it feel
Is it like a rollercoaster
The turning of the wheel

When a heart is broken
Does it even cry
Like the rain fallen from heaven
Of the dark cloudy sky

When a heart is broken
Does it feel blue
Like the depths of the ocean
With the water pure and true

When a heart is broken
Does it feel alone
Like a soldier on the field
With all of his brothers gone

When a heart is broken
Does it feel like this
I'm just a lonely soldier
In a country that has just one wish… 

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Where Are You Going

Dear Sgt. Grit,

Recently my mother in law was cleaning out some drawers and came across some of my father in laws things. (My father in law has been dead many years now). In it was a laminated code of honor, an old chauffeurs license and this poem my husband had sent him from Viet Nam. It came from a military news paper they had when he was over there. I want to share it with you.

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To My Marine Man

To My Marine Man
by Kristal Sewell

I never knew how fast time flies
when i was spending it with you
I guess I thought you wouldnt leave
but now I know its true
youre doing something with your life
and we are all so proud
but I cant help but cry cause where you are
cell phones arnt allowed
when you told me you were leaving
you said it wouldnt be for long
but I still miss you every day
every second that you are gone
the day you left snuck up on us
it came way to fast
and the night before you kissed me
I knew we would last
you wrapped your arms around me tight
told me u are doing this for us
I tried so hard to get them to let me stay that night
I went home and though all about you
weve got a great relationship and future
but you know you’re always in my heart
and I am so proud of u for living your dream
even tho it means for a while we’ll be apart
for the next month’s or so I’ll be without you here
and all the things we use to do
so heres alist of things I’ll miss most
and hopefully you will too
I’ll miss calling you on my way home
and spending every weekend together
even long conversations
when I just wanted to sleep
but wanted you to keep talking to hear your voice
mud ridin in the beat up Nissan
telling each other how their day went
how mad nana makes me sometimes
I miss havin u around
the little kisses you’d give me after making out
havin movie nights
just becuase we wanted to spend time next to each other
even tho we’d end up doing other stuff
no talkin on tha phone for hours on end
but thinkin about all this still makes me smile
I’ve heard lookin back on tears would make us one day laugh
and as i do this im not going to lie
I never knew as I looked back today
that our laughs would make me cry
I cant stop looking at our pictures
or reading letters u gave me
and as I cry I also smile
becuase of how good together we are
how happy you make me
so since you’re gone and I’m stuck here
dont forget here I will always be
till December waiting on my Mr.Marine
dont forget about me while you’re gone
you promised to write me too
you’ll me on my mind these next long months
and til they’re over… know I miss and love you.

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Spirit of America

Spirit of America
by Erich Hartung


This isn't a usual story. I'm not a Marine, but rather I'm active-duty Navy. I have a cousin who's a Marine, and as a matter of fact I used to be a Young Marine when I was in high school. But the purpose of my email is to simply submit a poem that I wrote in memory of Cpl Jason Dunham, the recen Medal of Honor recipient who gave his life for fellow Marines while in combat in Iraq in 2004. I was extremely humbled to hear his story and at the same time burdened to write something in honor of his sacrifice. I hope and trust that you could use this poem to remember everything that Jason as well as other Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen have done not only for our country, but also for each other.

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Our Son, Your Marine

Our Son, Your MARINE
The Starling Family

Our Son, Your MARINE

Hush,hush please don?t cry
(We brought him into this world)
Daddy will sing you a lullaby

Come to Daddy, come on
(We taught him how to walk)
You can do it on your own

Pedal, pedal don?t look down
(We taught him to ride a bike)
You?ve got it. Now turn around.

Splash, kick your feet, kick your feet!
(We taught him how to swim)
That-a-boy! (You are so neat) What a fete.

Swing the bat, swing the bat!
(We taught him baseball)
Home Run! Look at that!

Listen! Do what you are told!
(We took him to Boot Camp)
Graduation, Guide, MARINE BOLD!

Jump, Jump, glide with the wind.
(The MARINES taught him to Parachute)
It?s complete, Time to defend!

Be brave, be cautious, Be kind.
(We taught him that)
We will never leave you behind!

Our Son, Your MARINE

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