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Ethan’s Plans

Ethan’s Plans
by Ethan Mroz

Last week, my nephew perished from a drowning accident on Lake Michigan. He put his life on the line by first saving his girlfriend from a riptide.

Unfortunately, both he and his grandfather ? my brother in lawlost their lives.

Ethan was 16 years old and counting the days until he could join the Marines. He kept a notebook describing all his Marine plans. He often spoke to me about Viet Nam and to two other Marine war veterans from Afghanistan and Korea.

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Untitled Poem – Bonaldi

By Bruno Bonaldi

Yes I am joining the Marine Corps
Yes I am requesting my MOS to be Infantry
Yes I will be trained to fight to kill to protect freedom and democracy
Yes I want to be at the FRONT!
I will make the Corps my house where I will guard it from all evil
My fellow Marines will be my family, and I will risk my life to save theirs
My Strength, My Honor, My Pride, My Courage, My Commitment, My Desire will be my shield against the enemy…
I will fight for the Red, White and Blue and everything it stands for…
The Same Red that represents the BLOOD of all Warriors that fought this country's battles
The Same White which represents PEACE
The Same BLUE which represents our Blue sky where we look up to dream away, to wonder, to imagine, to look for hope…
Yes I am joining the Marine Corps

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