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WWII WMs and Honor Flights

Sgt Grunt,

Last month Honor Flight flew 97 aging but vibrant WWII Vets flew from Madison Wisconsin to Washington, DC. to visit the WWII Memorial and return home in a one day blitz. This flight set the record for the most female WWII Vets on any flight in the history of the program, and it was noted that a vast majority of those women were WMs, or as they were called back then, WRs. Proud to say that my 86 year old Momma, Corporal Annette Howards, USMCWR, was standing front and center when the roll was called at the airport.

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Parris Island

Sgt. Grit my draughter just granuated her first platoon after granuating D.I school and they took honor platoon with all the trophys (5) I'm sending you a picture of her D.I. she works with from left to right is my daughter (nick names) serrannamo,stepdy step step,boss lady and c mack, she also spend two tours in fallujah kicking down doors with her brothers with the 1st MEF. She loves her corp like I loved mine semper fi.

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Well here’s another WM Boot Camp picture

Well, it has been many years since I became a Marine. I just thought that one of my four children would become a Marine, but only one has joined the service—the Air Force. Upon graduating as a Honor Graduate, another airman asked him how he did it. His answer floored me, but made me proud too. He said, “Do you think I could be anything but number one being raised by a Woman Marine”. He went on to graduate from Tech school as an Honor Graduate too.

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