Sgt. Grit Community

A Few Margaritas

Here's my pair of Corps tats The Bulldog is on my left Bicep and the Emblem is on my right forearm. The story behind the Bulldog is pretty funny (at least now). The last thing I remember about that Friday night was drinking alot of margueritas in Tijuana with a bunch of buddies and more than a few Mexican hookers. I woke up in San Diego at the Servicemans Y with a bandage on my arm and a tattoo parlor business card in my pocket. I was more than happy to see my Dog and flags once I got the courage to look under the bandage. I still wonder what I would have done had it been a list of hookers names! The Emblem was carefully planned on a future visit to SD

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50th Birthday Gift

When I received my discharge from the Corps (worst mistake I ever made) in '73 I moved in with my best friend from my unit (Drum & Bugle Corps). He got a Marine tattoo in '75 & tried to convince me to do the same. Well, as things go, I got married and my wife told me that if I got a tattoo, I could move back in with my friend. Years went by. By this time I had two great sons that wanted to fulfill my wish. For my 50th birthday they surprised me by throwing me in the car and stopping at a great tattoo parlor. To make a long story short, I borrowed one of your logos and now I have a great symbol of the Corps on my right shoulder. My wife knew what our sons were going to do and actually APPROVED! She likes it and I love it. I hope that you don't mind if I used your design, but what the hell, it's too late now. Semper Fi!

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Quite a Story

Sgt Harding J E 80 87 , 2nd tank batt, at tows.

The first tat was from a co party ,was so drunk , woke up with this tat, it has been redone once. The second tat was when I was in Cali, had this one done at big bills in Escondido Ca, I drew this one and bill put it on my left arm, hence the first foot we start off at, it took me three years to draw this one.

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