CS Cunha, USMC Tattoo

In Japanese mythology, the dragon is one of four legendary creatures guarding the four cosmic directions (Red Bird – South, Dragon – East, Tortoise – North, and the Tiger – West). In translation, I protect those who are around me and the skulls in my tattoo are raptures of evil being dispensed by the dragon into the bowls of hell are results of my protection depicted by opposing axes of truth and justice. Truth always sets you free and justice is appraisal of my judgment for no protection. The dragon is wrapped around the cross which represents my protection of Christian faith. Around the cross ‘Peace be with you’ is the greeting that Jesus gives to his disciples when he comes and stands among them and in today’s faith languages, it is known as graceful open communication to all those around me. The USMC in the center of the cross represents that I am Marine Corps veteran and proud to protect God and country. The Aquarius tattoo symbol is my astrological sign by a pair of undulating or zigzag horizontal lines, representing water that characterized me as social, intelligent, and humanistic.

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