Death Before Dishonor

Sgt. Grit,
I got this tattoo while in Engineering School (1345, Heavy Equipment Operator) at Camp Lejeune in ’88. It is actually two tats. The EGA was done first and about a month later went back and had the U.S.M.C. added underneath it. So, at the time it was probably a unique tat. I was with 9th ESB, III MEF in Okinawa and participated in the joint US/S. Korea Op “Team Spirit” and was TAD there for 6 months before returning to Okinawa. From there I went to 2nd LSB, 2nd FSSG at Camp Lejeune and then was TAD to MSSG-24, 24 MEU in the Med during Operation Desert Storm and was part of Operation Provide Comfort in Turkey and Northern Iraq afterward. To all the Devil Dogs in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the world, God speed and hurry home. Once a Marine, Always a Marine. Semper Fi.

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