Emblem with Stars Tattoo

My name is Shannon H. I am from Pensacola Fl. I got my tattoo a few months ago it is on the top of my right foot. Yeah it hurt some but as they say Pain is temp, Pride is forever, and Pain is weakness leaving the body. I am very proud of my tattoo, I got it in honor of my heart my hero my best friend who is currently serving in the USMC, and in memory of my Marine friend that I lost Oct 23, 2005 in Iraq. I am not military but my uncles both were and I have a huge respect and appreciation for what all the men and women of the military do and stand for. I wanted to join the Marines but unfortunately a car accident has kept me from being able to join but I live my life like the men and women of the Marine Corps with HONOR, COURAGE, and COMMITTMENT!! OORAH! And Semper Fi!

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