2 thoughts on “Fast Co. USMC 87-90”

  1. We pounded som of the same dirt…or at least mud ..camp pendleton, VA. (Security Forces School near DamNeck end of VA Beach Strip…..) I think i was like 3-88 class? We were like the 2nd class to graduate from there,..they filmed the training video through the swamp on my group…Upon Graduation we remained there for i wanna say 3 weeks,..because like 6-7 of us got orders to the Roosevelt and it was currently out of port in Virgin Islands….Funny – spent a lot of time down at the MarBar…always wished I had gotten orders for FAST CO. but then again I made the first Med cruise on the Roosevelt. Semper Fi Devil Dog CPL Reil, David 0331/8151 87-90 Ironic….after sea duty I went to the Herd..3/1. but only for two weeks……Father terminally ill diagnosed 2-6 to live,…i checked out on emergency leave…David Delavina was there too…did you serve with him??

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