Fear Of Marines

U.S. Air Force F-106s on Marine Corps flight line

A squadron of these babies appeared on our C-130 flight line in Cherry Point the day after Kennedy was killed. Ready for war with Cuba or Russia. Every Air Force crew chief had a full, brand new tool box whereas us poor Marines were lucky to steal (or rather com-shaw) a screw driver here or there. Needless to say the fly boys had a 24 hour guard on their planes for fear of Marines, not commies.

Norm Spilleth
Cpl. 1960-1964

2 thoughts on “Fear Of Marines”

  1. We have always been the “redheaded step child.” We always get the-hand-me downs. It really does not matter what your MOS skill set is. The only time, we get top shelf, is in DC concerning the commander-in-chief. Cpl. R. Miller 1371: Combat Engineer: 1st Gulf War, Vet.

  2. A little more envy of the Air Force. As an HM3 stationed at a pass west of Da Nang in ’70, went with our Chief to their air base to pick up med supplies. While there decided to get some good chow for a change (first part of envy). As we were eating, one of the airman next to us was complaining that he had to share his apartment with another guy and they only had one maid between them (second part of envy). Some times war isn’t HELL!!! Semper Fi to all the Grunts and Devil Docs who were over there, made it home, and are still too tough to go down. If you need a band aid for your blisters, I’m off duty.

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