Feeling Nostalgic

This past July 22 was the 30th year since my graduation into our esteemed Marine Corps. I already had gotten a tattoo right after ITS, but it was not an eagle, globe and anchor. So feeling nostalgic I got this tattoo. If any of my fellow recruits from platoon 3043 in 1983 see this, find me on Facebook. Semper Fi, Mike Winnie 0311 Corporal, USMCR 1983-1988

1 thought on “Feeling Nostalgic”

  1. Mike; I can relate to your story. I am currently contemplating getting my EGA tatoo (my first) and next month will be the 60th anniversary of my arrival at P.I. Plt # 269 second battalion.I will be fulfilling a suppressed desire I’ve had for all these years….pretty crazy huh ?

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