Few Thoughts

Dear Sarge,

Just finished your July 6th letter, and have a couple of comments…First about the guy who wants to wear an EGA to honor his son…Go for it…My mother wore one that my brother gave her before he left for the islands…Oh yeah she was the mother of 2 thats two marines…My brother was in WW2 and then when i turned 17 i joined…I am a former Woman Marine …I also gave her an EGA… Now speaking of children,,, mine would like to know why you dont have bumper stickers that read" MY Mom Was a Marine"…My children are very proud of the fact that i was in the corp…

This past summer i went and got my first Marine Tat…where you might ask…where else right over my heart…by the way I'm 66yrs old and my kids tell everyone my mom got a USMC tat.

Keep up the good work…SEMPER FI and God bless
Diane Hergenroder

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