4 thoughts on “Finished up my USMC Sleeve with these”

  1. I want to get a tatto about the marines just like that but I wouldn’t wanna do it because I think I get call disgrace because I’m not a marine or wasn’t a marine but soon I should be one . Do you think it’s wrong to get a tattoo of a marine sign if your not a marine ?? Please let me know thank you

    1. All of the above! Drill Instructors will have a field day with you having a Marine Corps tattoo and you have not earned the right to wear it yet. Do it the right way. Go through boot camp, earn the right, then tattoo away.

      1. Your giving good advice . My Dad was a career Marine served two wars a honorable man until he took his last breath. And I married a dessert Storm veteran.

  2. Woman Marine weighing in. I understand your desire to wear the emblem but to get a tat of the Corp Emblem would be a disgrace to those who died for his/her country. It is almost like claiming you were a seal on you resume. That just isnt who a Marine is. Good luck.

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