Fire and EGA, and Once A Marine Tattoo

Dear Sgt. Grit,

In February you posted a letter my daughter had written for your newsletter. I was quite surprised to read it as I didn't know she had submitted one to you. She talked about how she was leaving for PI in a few weeks and how "freakin motivated" she was. I just wanted to let you know and those who replied to her letter and encouraged her that she is now a Marine. She graduated from PI on 5/6/05. The EGA ceremony was inspirational and emotional for the new Marines (many of whom were crying, men and women) as was most of the audience.

The day she graduated within a few hours she wanted to get her first tattoo. We had to drive to Georgia to get it though as South Carolina doesn't have tattoo parlors. I am sending you a picture of the one she got that day and of the one she got a week later. She truly is motivated and so very proud of herself and the Corps.

While in boot camp we could see the change in her attitude and maturity through her letters. She has done a lot of growing up in a very short time. We are so very proud of her. And we are pleased to have such a new and large extended family of Marines. OOHRAH!
Proud Mom and proud family of PFC K. Stewart

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