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LtGen Chesty Puller Quote 1

“The Donald” seems (to me) to be very much like one (or all) of these profane, profound and professional men.

John Wear
Vietnam Tanker

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  1. Are you f……g serious? A rich bi… draft dodger who mocked John McCain and a good star family and had the lack of class to say “I always wanted one of these “and pit on a Purple Heart. Oh yeah your DI would be real proud to hear you say that.

  2. Donald Trump had a DRAFT DEFERMENT. He didn’t run to Canada. Bill Clinton is the one who dodged the draft after having his National Guard deferment negated because of his refusal to serve there.

  3. So I guess all of you are voting for Hillary. Since she stands for TRUTH, Honesty, and Leadership? Good luck with that. Remember Benghazi…..

      1. Well Jeffery where the hell have you been ?? You don’t think the country is better off NOW then it was under that foreign piece of whatever ???? And if you love Hillary, I know your a half breed liberal jackass. But what do I know == I’m just a normal guy that knows and supports my President bringing it around to a much better place then what all those lying two-faced farts putting OUR COUNTRY DOWN !!

  4. Veterans here in san francisco, find it very insulting you post anything politcal on your order site. Wheter pro or con, you are in the business of selling merchandise, not a political site, very disturbing, you are only dividing honorable men who served this country, I understand your freedom of speech, but this is not the place to do it, if it continues you will be sanctioned and loose many customers

  5. Guns, Grit publishes things his members and customers and dare I say mostly your own fellow Marines. Unlike that puke Killory, who would like to do away with free speech, Sgt Grit has an open forum and reads every story a dare I also say there hundreds of thousands so do not even think of sanctioning Grit lest you betray the very Constitutional freedoms (free speech) he, we and even you have all fought to preserve.

  6. remember hillary didnt want Marines in white house in uniform, defend the constitution against all enemies

    1. Instead of holding a military parade showing the tanks to show off POTUS Trump’s vanity and ego, use the tax money for helping homeless veterans ! Sen. John Kennedy(R-Louisiana) said everybody knows the U.S. is powerful and we don’t have to show it off ! We are not France, North Korea, Russia, China, Nazi Germany ! The draft board gave Trump those deferments, they are just as much at fault. Retired General -Secretary of State, Colin Powell and Sen. John McCain criticized the way Selective Service was doing its job, during The Vietnam War. Sen. Tammy Duckworth(D-Illinois),who is an Iraq war veteran(she lost her legs in the war)calls POTUS Trump “Cadet Bone Spurs”. He never apologized for insulting Sen. McCain and POW veterans, saying” They aren’t heroes. I don’t like those who are captured”. Does he think they wanted to be captured ? While he had his draft deferments, he was enjoying the jet set life, claimed he contracted a social disease, which was his Vietnam War ! An insulting, disrespectful mouth, has he !

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