Honor Thy Grandfathers

My name is Tina Dunn. My son, LCpl Dunn. is in the 2d FAST Co. out of Yorktown, VA. I have seen your newsletter and the on the internet of the tattoos that people are sending to you. I thought I would share with you my sons. He decided to get this tattoo last year. He left for Boot Camp in 2002, just 3 days after his High School Graduation. He was so proud to go his father and I actually signed him in early because of him being to young. He wanted this tattoo so bad. He wanted to Honor both of his Grandfathers. Both grandfathers had served time in the United States Army. Also both grandfathers are deceased so he wanted to honor them in some way. He thought this was the best way. I must say after he got it, It may me proud that he would want his grandfathers names on his arm forever. He is very proud of this tattoo. I hope you will enjoy looking at it.

Tina M. Dunn
Instructional Assistant K.I.P.P
Summit View Middle School

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