Jarhead Tattoos

Figured i would finally get around to sending in my tats now that i got a good camera. The chest tat is my favorite and deffinately has to be a one of a kind. was going to get the out line of P.I. but then thought when I think of the phrase “there’s no place like home” I think of the red shoes in the wizard of oz and thus the Yellow Footprints came to mind. My friends do not understand the footprints at all. On the barbwire one I have my platoon number from P.I. “1111” and the Marine b-day but hacd to add “Tun Tavern” above it as again with people they asked is that your b-day, and I tell them in a way yes it is. The other one has “Semper Fi” below it with “84” and above it had “Jarhead” put on (my NH license plate says Jarhead too). SEMPER FI, Bill J.

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