John Wayne Tattoo

I had the opportunity of a lifetime on July 14, 1966, while serving with India Co 3rd Bn 9th Mar. out of An Hoa. when I met John Wayne. Although there is a story with this, it is somewhat embarrassing to relate to this day. Mr. Wayne gave me one of his business cards and on the back he wrote what is underneath his portrait. I have that business card after all of these years. Thanks to Tim at Custom Skin Art in Altoona, PA. for this fine work and the work he did on my other 5 tattoos. I really could not explain to my children all of my experiences from those days in Viet Nam and decided to use the art of tattoo to try and relate what words could not accomplish. Jim Humphreys SGT. India Co 3rd Bn 9th Mar. Radioman

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