Making the Gunny Angry

On the day I was promoted to Corporal, it was a surprise. I didn't see it coming. It started pouring outside just as that mornings formation was ending and the Gunny marched us accross the street for classes that the training schedule had called for. Like always, we rushed to get there and had to wait for the instructor and classes to begin. Our Marines were making quite a racket as Marines might, and when the gunny walked in the back of the room and hollered "Knock off the horseplay", but hardly anybody but the NCO's standing in the back had heard him. After yelling "Knock off the horseplay" a second time and the racket in the room did not quiet down I rushed forward to the podium and yelled "Hey, you with the horse, knock it off" which caused all the NCO's to be heard snickering in the silence. The Gunny's look at me was deadly so I tried real hard not to look at him as I retreated to the back of the room. He never let me forget, and took every public opportunity he could to remind me that my first order as an NCO was "Hey, you with the horse, knock it off".

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