Marine Corps Birthday November 10th, 2006

Dear Sgt. Grit, Last Marine Corps Birthday (At which we always have a Marine Corps Birthday cake) it fell on the Friday before Veteran’s Day. Our Boss allowed us to fly the Marine Corps Flag the entire day. We have many Dormant Marines and other service veterans who work here and we honor our veterans every Veteran’s Day. We celebrated Veteran’s Day on the morning of our beloved Marine Corps Birthday that year. It was so nice to see our flag fly so proudly for all to see. It flew in front of Cox Communications, Omaha, NE on November 10th 2006 in place of our company’s flag. Long may it wave… right next to Old Glory and long may she wave in God’s Glory Semper Fi Sgt. Grit and thank you. Ken “Ziggy” Yagodinski Cpl. of Marines 75 to 81. OORAH!

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