Marine Fireman

Wanted to share this with all my fellow Bro's. I'm a grunt 1/3 Charlie 2nd Plt from K-Bay 82-86. Awhile after getting out I got into the fire service, It took me 6 long years to get hired (very competitive) I wanted to get a Marine / Fire Dept. tat when I got hired into a large Dept. I'm a truckie (ladder guy) on ladder 204 in Mesa AZ. Thx to Steve at virtual reality tattoo in Gilbert he custom drew this for me. The EGA tearing from my skin means the Corps always being a part of who I am, The Fireman's Maltese Cross being branded into my skin represents the loyalty to my brothers and sisters in the fire service and being baptized by fire. Both of these together is true Patriotism, honoring the freedoms of this wonderful country and what our Stars and Stripes represent being UNCOMMON VALOR.

It was a work in progress for awhile till I was ready to pull the trigger and have it done, when the world stopped and watched as we were attacked on September 11th, 2001. 343 of my fellow Brothers and Sisters died that day and I knew that my fellow Marines were going to combat soon. I couldn't think of a more appropriate time to get this tribute in living canvass done than the next day at 0900 to honor my fellow Marines and Firefighter's.

NEVER FORGET! Semper Fi to you all.

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