Marine Mom Tattoos

In response to the wife who wants a tattoo and her husband doesn’t want her to get it….Wait. He may change his mind. If he doesn’t don’t get the tat. Not because you weren’t a Marine, but because he is your husband… As for earning the EGA… I am a Marine Mom! I earned every bit of my tattoo but as for respecting that I have not “officially” served, I explained my EGA this way – The tattoo is a simple EGA with USMC across it. Over it it says “For my son” under, it says ” who chooses to serve”. I can not tell you how many Marines have complimented me on this. It has drawn a lot of comments and NEVER once has a Marine told me I didn’t earn this. They usually thank me for my support and are surprised that this mom would do something like that for their child. Since my back has the story of my family on it and I cannot see it, I also have a piece of my back story around my left ankle. I have a Cross, two hearts with mine and my husbands initials in them, an EGA for my son and a little angel for my daughter. These I can see but most do not pay attention to them. The EGA there is hardly ever noticed but I know it is there. It is on the back of my ankle and although it is very visible, many do not even know what it is. What my husband loves – is that both EGA’s are on my back side – indicating what we know already – My Marine has my back!!! Hopefully this helps. Semper Fi Krista Silveria VPMM LCpl John Black 2nd FAST – MCSFB Currently out watching our backs

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