MARINE OF THE WEEK // He refused to leave a fallen Marine behind…

Sgt. Eubaldo Lovato
1st Battalion, 8th marines
November 11, 2004
Operation Phantom Fury, Fallujah, Iraq
Award: Silver Star (upgraded from Bronze Star)

During the second battle for Fallujah, then-Corporal Lovato and his squad was ordered to clear a house. What the Marines did not know is that insurgents had barricaded themselves behind sandbags in one room.
When a fire team entered the room, Cpl. Travis Desiato was killed ­immediately by a barrage of AK-47 fire and fell to the floor. The insurgents put up such a volume of fire that the other Marines could not retrieve their comrade. The Marines fired ­blindly, unable to see the enemy fighters behind their barricade.
Lovato and the others in his squad could see Desiato on the ground. They tried calling out to him but he didn’t answer. A group of five Marines including Lovato made several attempts to reach Desiato ’s body. They threw C4 plastic explosives into the room, but it ­generated so much smoke that the Marines could not see anything. Then one Marine attached part of a shattered mirror to a stick, which allowed him to see where the insurgents were.
Pinned by enemy fire, Lovato manuvered to retrieve more grenades, with bullets passing through his pants pockets and sling.
Eventually Lovato was able to crawl to reach his Marines and asked a tank to blast the back of the building. The Marines stormed the building and killed the enemy inside. Lovato retrieved Desiato’s body.

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40 thoughts on “MARINE OF THE WEEK // He refused to leave a fallen Marine behind…”

  1. Once again we Marines do our ultimate jobs: We stop bullets for civilians, and we do not ever leave our dead or wounded behind. Well done.

  2. I am so proud to have worn the same uniform as Sgt. Lavato and others like him. The Marines are truly a brotherhood.

  3. oo rah!!! to you and your brothers you exemplify the es’pirit de corps. that we all tried to build I’m old corps corpsman. i am so proud to be a part of you my brothers, and a part of the Marine Corps league.I was in from 8/1/68 to 8/30/75 HM2

  4. A story like this always makes me proud of belonging to such an amazing brotherhood called “The United States Marine Corps”. God Bless You Sgt. Lavato. TetVet6768, Semper Fi

  5. Semper Fi! We are always there for each other no matter the situation. Past, present, future Marines will never forget what they did to save our fellow comrades. Sgt Lavato, well done.

  6. Semper Fi brother you epitomize the tradition of the United States Marine Corps we never leave anyone behind I and your county’s patriots salute you.

  7. Semper Fi. Plain & simple. It comes from pushing through the pain, fear, and misery…together. Unless you’ve done it, survived it… you can’t understand it. Literally pushing your mind & body past the limit… together. Surviving the sh&tstorm together…way beyond the point that most people would gladly quit…We Few, we Band of Brothers..So very proud to claim the title.

  8. Outstanding job my brother. You were taught in the right way. You never leave a fallin brother behind. Semper Fidelis!! 1/8 was one of battalions I served with in Beirut, Lebanon.

  9. Thank you for taking care of a fallen Marine. Memories of the Battle of Koh Tang Island, Cambodia, aka The Mayaguez Incident May 1975. Heros like 1st Lt Dan Hoffman. Thank you Dan and fellow Marines from 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines. Semper Fi

  10. Marines always retrieve their fallen and by the way Marines NEVER WEAR PANTS. Uties, trousers, jeans, slacks, but NEVER PANTS. Only girls and Army wear pants

  11. gunnery sgt kevin kolakowski semper fi bro thanks for being a true marine and not leaving a brother behind we are all proud of you keep up the good work!!!

  12. Your selflessness, is an example, of a true MARINE, you took the risk and prevailed. God-Bless you for that, and I am really sure, that the family of our fallen brother really appreciated, your efforts when Cpl.Travis Desiato went down. Simper Fi my brother. From SGT. R.H. Gamboa Jr., USMC RET., VIETNAM VETERAN, 05.11.1971- 06.26.1982

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