Master Sgt. Aaron Torian
2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion
Afghanistan, Jan. 29, 2014
Award: Bronze Star Medal w/ Combat “V”

During a combat operation in Afghanistan, Master Sgt. Torian’s unit came under heavy machine gun and underslung grenade-launcher fire. Maneuvering across open terrain, Torian exposed himself to enemy fire in order to establish better satellite communications and observe the enemy’s maneuvers. He then effectively coordinated multiple rotary-wing close air support missions with rockets, guns, and a hellfire missile. Two weeks later, he was killed in action. “What I admire most about Aaron was his relentless, competitive spirit; unrivaled work capacity and zest for life, family and friends,” said Charlie Goodyear, a long-time friend. “All these things made him an incredible Marine, friend, husband, and father to his family.”

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  1. Some receive a bronze star under far less difficult circumstances. This Marine earned his and more – should have been a silver star for his heroic actions. RIP Master Sgt.

  2. At a 2015 reunion back at Parris Island we held a flag raising for Master Sgt Torian. Our group of Marines all came from L Company, 2 BN Plts 236 – 237 – 238 and 239 Parris Island. We arrived P.I. June 15, 1962. We had about 30 brothers Marines and there families that come to the reunion. One of our Marines from 239 brought his son with him who had just got home from overseas and worked with the Raiders as a contractor with them. He knew the M/S and his Raider team. We raised a flag that was signed by many of the Raiders and one was M/S Torian. So it was very special to do this in his honor. We have a video of the rasing posted on YouTube. It took place at the Bluffton, S. C. City Hall. You can find this video, just type in Ben Mashburn to find several of our reunion videos on YouTube.

  3. You fought excellent fight with courage and devotion to your men and to the Corps. There is no higher honor than to recognized as a leader among brave men, and as a Marine who set the standard for others to achieve . May your spirit never be forgotten and may those you loved know peace in their hearts. Semper Fi my brother

  4. R.I.P. Brother. While serving in Vietnam I was honored to serve with heroes such as you. Hearing your story I am even more proud.

  5. I have been trying to get the special that was on the History channel about Force Recon where my husband was in it and no one has yet to help me find this special. If someone could help me find this documentary I would be very grateful brcause since the last I saw this program my husband has passed. His name is Steven Wayne Duckett. I lost him 2015. I miss him a lot and that way I could watch it as much as I want. This is my e-mail Again thanks Retha Duckett

  6. R.I.P. M/Sgt. Torian. You are the classic example of why people become MARINES. You remind me of a hard-boiled Gunny in my arty. btry. in viet-nam 69-70. He was a awesome individual as well. My condolences to your family sir. You will be missed by Corps and country!

    1. Silver Star does not come with the “V” because it is only awarded for valor in combat…Lesser awards like the Bronze Star, Navy Commendation, etc. can be distinguished for valor with the “V”…The only guy I ever heard of that had a Combat “V” on his Silver Star was John Kerry — LOL !!

  7. I also agree, MSgt.Torian should have received the silver star-V. Semper Fi!! Brother RIP.

  8. God has a special place for Marines, especially for Aaron. Rest in peace, you earned it many times over. Semper Fi.

  9. One heck of a Marine. Agree with all above comments, especially that he deserved a Silver Star. (But for the record, there is no “V” for a Silver Star–that award speaks for itself). (For Awards Info, google: Military Awards: Earned or Not, was the criteria met?)

  10. Thank you for your patriotism and devotion to duty you truly deserve this decoration or even the silver star. Semper Fi

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