Marine Wife Tattoo

SGT. GRIT My name is courtney i am 26yrs old and the proudest ever wife of lcpl kendzierski (known by the guys as ski) before meeting my husband i have to be honest in saying it was rare that i thaught about all the freedoms i had in my everyday life even after 9/11 i did’nt think much of the everyday sacrifices our men and women fight and sometimes die for everyday. At the time of 9/11 i was a firefighter which is something i know so watching the news it was then the firefighters whom stood out to me and what they were doing it was’nt until meeting my marine that i came to understand just how much to a civilian the phrase ‘out of sight out of mind’ actually means i currently live In Camp Lejuene N.C after moving here 2 yrs ago and seeing everyday our marines shipping out then coming home just to ship out again usually with in 6 or 7 months of returning seeing the familys left behind and the wives left alone to hold down the fort at home but at the sametime not be scared and be strong for the kids seeing even the marines as they leave try to be strong but upon boarding the bus it’s clear the billowing up of tears in their eyes as they drive off trying so hard not to allow it be known as they watch their families dissapear in the distance and every couple weeks Lejeune blvd is covered again in welcome home signs some with pictures of babies whom have still yet to meet their daddys after all this i have expierenced in just 2 years i can only say wow at how much i never knew as a civilian about our real hero’s and there familys and the sacrafices they make and have made for many years even with my husband currently on his 2nd deployment 1st in iraq i would’nt trade this life for anything what relationships do you know of who get to meet their husbands for the first time many times because thats what life is like everytime i see my husband step off that bus returning from another deployment PROUD MARINE WIFE (and proud to wear it on my arm) OF LCPL KENDZIERSKI FOX 2/10

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