MCRD San Diego

I attended a graduation ceremony today at MCRD San Diego . I believe that the battalion that was 3rd Battalion Lima. To be honest, I was totally disappointed. I think that microphones should be worn in order to hear commands given by those in charge. Secondly, it appears that the D.I.’s could care less about the way that the platoons start out in marching. So many privates were out of step from beginning to end. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Something has happened to my beloved Marine Corps and in my opinion, it’s not good. I had a knot in my stomach the whole time, and wanting to go out on the grinder and take them all to the pit and PT the fuck out of them, and that includes the D.I.’s. I still love my Marine Corps and those Marines of today, but something has to change as far as training goes for the Drill Instructors. They have to be more disciplined and be tougher on themselves, as well as the boots that they are responsible for,

Semper Fi to all Marines.
Sgt. A.J.Apodaca RVN

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