My baby daughter is a jarhead

I served from 1970-75 and again briefly in 1977 to attend OCS (PLC) at Quantico. I had the opportunity to serve with both the 1st and 3rd Air Wings on the east coast and lovely destinations across the Pacific. Interesting times, but when back in the world, people couldn’t have cared less regarding the sacrifices made by my generation. Through it all I remained a fiercely proud (if somewhat silent) Marine Sergeant in retrograde. When my 18 year old daughter announced to her mother and I in 2004 that she had decided to become a Marine, I was filled with pride and more than a little bit of concern. Needless to say she has made the transition from a contrary, stubborn, hardheaded teenager who hung around with booger-eating moron losers, to an intelligent, considerate, responsible Corporal of Marines. If our beloved Corps should find itself in need of a recruiting model for posters–she’s your man! This past July, she married another Marine who would also make good poster material, and they are currently stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station in Iwakuni Japan. Both are members of the elite Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting MOS and they are in constant competition to outdo one another on their PFT scores. In my years as an active duty Marine I was never able to get drunk enough to get a tattoo, but when my daughter Errin wanted to get matching tattoos, I couldn’t resist. Please note the attached picture of Errin on her wedding day showing her version of body art. It gives me enormous pride to see how the people of our country respect these young leaders. As far as I am concerned, all is personally forgiven for the lukewarm (at best) reception given to my generation of the Armed Forces in the 60’s and 70’s. Todays Marines Rock!!! Greg Hamilton Sgt. USMC 6811

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