My First Tattoo

Sgt Grit, I have read your newsletter for about a year now both enjoy and anticipate every issue. I am a 61 year old Viet Nam Veteran, I spent 13 years in our beloved Marine Corp and never got a Tattoo. Well last week my son and my daughter finally talked me into getting one and I would like to share it with you, my “Brother & Sisters” and all of your loyal readers. My time was spent at H&S Bn, Support Co, MHE Plt, RVN, as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic at ASP1 behind “Freedom Hill” from Jan 1970 till Dec 1970. I would like to correspond with anyone that served there at the same time. Thanks for allowing me to post this on your excellent site. Keep up the good work and May GOD BLESS you and your organization and ALL of our troops who have or are now serving OUR Glorious Country. Semper Fi Louie W Goodner GySgt USMC (Unassigned)

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