My Marine Corps TATS

Just wanted to add to the Marine corps Tattoo pics I too have inked myself for life, with the only brand that matters, i am a Desert Storm Veteran. ANd in the States I served with A.Co. 3rd LSB in Kaneohe Bay , HI from 91-94. I was a Combat Engineer( HEavy Equip Operator) with a red patcher unit. While in Saudi I served with a security detachment, near Al Jubail. We seviced mastly Camp 5 , Camp2 1/2 ( Wally World) And one of the Ammo Supply Dumps out in the Dessert! Just wanted to send some pic os my PRoud Marine Corps INK! The 4th pic( the Eagle) was picked by my son when he was 7! ( just a patriotic tat) Thanks for your time and consideration i hope you will add the pics. Thank you (Cpl.) William ( Bill) Bowser Desert Storm Currently Living in Sarver PA

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