NC Visit

NC Visit


Sgt Grit
A few weeks ago my wife and I vacationed at Emerald Isle, NC. While there I was given the opportunity to visit both Camp Lejeune and the Beirut/Vietnam Memorial in Jacksonville. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune back in the 70’s and this was the first time since I left to visit the base. I couldn’t believe how much it changed.
I’m attaching pictures of the Memorials so everyone can see what a beautiful job that was done for our Vet’s. 
The Vietnam Memorial is made of Glass and the names are embossed on the glass. 
As the sun shines through the glass it puts the names on the ground. It’s really something to see. 
The Beirut Memorial is well made and also something to see. I was in the Marines in 1983 and was very interested as I knew some of the Marines on that wall. 
There is also a steel beam from the World trade center located there. What made that really stand out was the news paper I saw posted on that steel beam. It’s also a must see. So here’s my pictures, enjoy…
Thanks to all who made those and all the Memorials possible. 
Semper fi to all my Marine Brother’s and Sister’s out their past and present. 
Michael P. England
SSGT USMC 0369/8412/5811
G 2/3, I 3/3, B 1/2, G 2/2, C 1/1, 
MP Co MCB Camp Lejeune, 
RSS Gastonia, NC. 
HQ 9th Mar. & 
H&HS Station MCAS Cherry Point, NC.

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  1. I would like to comment about SSGT M P England’s article on Camp Lejeune . I was at Lejeune from 66 to 68 3/8 and M P & Guard company . My wife wanted to take a vacation up the east coast I said good ideal , told her I would like to see Camp Lejeune again and off we went . When we arrived I could see things had changed and an MP told me were I needed to check in . I walked up to a nice lady and informed her I was stationed here in the late sixties and would like my wife and I could get a gate pass . She informed me that Lejeune was a closed base no entry unless I was 100 % disabled and I informed her only 80 % , she replied sorry and I replied thank you . How did you get in SSGT ? I would like to know what I might have done wrong .

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