NCO Sword Tattoo

In 2006 I was stationed on MCAS Beaufort as Crash Fire Rescue, and got augmenting over at PMO. One morning about 3 months after I had been promoted to Corporal I got a call from one of the SSgt’s telling me the Major wanted to see me, and that I needed to be inspection ready in my cammies. Since I had been out the night before I thought for sure I had done something and not remembered it. When I got there I was taken to a room and told the Major was inside. When I opened the door my grandfather, who adopted me and I call my dad was standing there with all of PMO. On the table was a case with a NCO sword inside. My grandfather was a TSgt in Korea and all he said was, “From one Marine to another.” I tried to buy him a sword but he said he was too old to enjoy it, so this is his sword.

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