No Touch Up Required

My tattoo is one the older guys will know. I had it done in Oceanside, Ca. on my way to Nam in 1969. I ended up with Fox 2/7 and did a lot of humpin . And to think some of the guys are paying the big bucks to go back as tourists. I saw enough for a lifetime. Anyhow my tattoo is great except where the leeches in Ashua and Antenna Valleys got to some of me. For some reason they liked the red in my tattoo and took most of it with them. I thought about getting it touched up but then it wouldn't be original.

Semper Fi
SSGT Larry First

1 thought on “No Touch Up Required”

  1. SSgt Larry First, I have a tattoo just like yours. Got mine in December, 1968 at the Arcade in Oceanside, CA. I too was on my way to 9th Engineers as a 1371 “Dirty Bastards of Chu Lai, RVN”. We are surviver’s baby! Semper Fidelis! Cpl. Dennis Grissom

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