Ooh Rah

A Soldier, Sailor, and Airman walk into a bar. They make a bet with the bartender that they can each drink a keg of beer and make it with the hottest girl in the room in one hour. The Bartender says ok and gives them the key to the back room and one keg each. The Airman goes in with the hottest girl. After one hour the Bartender walks into the room to find the keg bearly touched, the woman untouched, and the Airman blacked out. The bartender says next and the Sailor attempts. This time when the bartender walks in, the keg is half empty and the sailor is blacked out. The woman still untouched. Next up is the soldier, after an hour the bartender walks in to find all three kegs empty, the woman ravished and bearly able to walk, but the soldier is beaten in the corner. The bartender wakes the soldier up and asked him what happened. The soldier responded by saying, A man came in drank everything, beat me silly, and made love to the woman, then jumped out of the window and yelled Ooooh Raaaah!!!!!!

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