21 thoughts on “Patriotic and Moto Tattoo”

      1. Agree, but the one that is depicted in the 2 photos is the one that is usually displayed…In any event, CONGRATS on the AWESOME TAT…Semper Fi, my Brother!

    1. The Eagle, Globe and Anchor is displayed exactly as it should be. Your tat is awesome! Thanks for your pride in our Corps. Semper Fi!!

  1. WOW what a outstanding tat….my youngest Son, has a sleeve in Memorial to his Marine Brother who was KIA in Iraq 2004′. I as well have a memorial tat to Honor and Remember my Son. Never thought I’d ever have a tat, but they say, and they are addicting….

    1. I am so sorry for yours and your families loss. Your son is a Hero that will forever be remembered.

  2. The person is right about the EGA’s. When worn on dress greens and dress blues, the anchors on each collar face inward.

  3. It looks right in the mirror though.The only people that know about the right and left are Marines.so the regular person will not notice.Still outstanding work.

  4. Badass tat, being a Viet Vet Marine I was glad to see that the only person to comment on the EGA’s was a Marine. Just goes to show that we know our heritage better than others. Semper Fi my brothers and sisters.

  5. Semper Fi Brother, Great Tat…..How long did it take to complete? Ignore anyone who would question or make a negative comment, we get tats to please ourselves and for our own reasons. I’ve known men who on the spur of the moment, with the encouragement of a few alcoholic beverages, purchased great looking tats. I speak from experience. Others while stone sober. I WEAR THE EGA TO SHOW MY PRIDE IN THE CORPS.

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