POW Times Two

POW Times Two

In 1960-61, I was Maintenance Officer for 3rd AT at Camp Schwab, Okinawa. My Maintenance Chief was Gy.Sgt John Vogel. He had been captured on Wake Island in WWII and was a POW. Then came Korea and again he was again captured and was a POW of the Chinese.

I'm not sure if the Marine who wrote you is the same John Vogel, but if he is, I would sure like to contact him. I last saw him when I was transferred back to the "Land of the Big PX."

Edward L. Dodd, 1stLt

Here is a photo of us, Lt. Dodd and Gy.Sgt Vogel with one of their Ontos.

Semper Fi​ 

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  1. Did you know Capt Robert Bridges. He was one of the first of the Ontos groups to be assigned to Vietnam. He taught Marine ROTC in Memphis TN. He was one heck of a Marine.

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