Question For The Vets That Know What Honor Is!

This is just a quick question to all of the military vets out there. Would you rather go back to the field and defend you country with your life, or, would you rather join the NFL and get to do what they usually do and get paid millions? By the way, I’m only asking this question so that I can write about the salaries for you guys in the military and the NFL. It’s for school and I don’t know any military guys that live near me. Also, if you’re an Air Force vet, plz don’t be offended by the pictures that are on here. I found them funny.

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130 thoughts on “Question For The Vets That Know What Honor Is!”

  1. i would rejoin the marine corps in a heart beat,even at 74 years young . i do not have the streagth or indurness ,but still have the heart. i would be ashame if i was nfl player,getting all that money ,for a gift from god and then to disgrace our flag that way.

    1. Those that protest our country never had to defend it. My greatest honor was volunteering for the Marine Corps. Vietnam vet 65-67. Semipermanent go.

      1. When my son was injured in Afghanistan I went into the recruiters office and volunteered to take his place in the line. My old outfit 2/8 was there and I asked to rejoin them. was turned down, told that though my spirt was young my body (at 56) was no longer. Semper Fi brothers.

    2. At 68 and being retired from the Corps for 24 years I would gladly go back to active duty to defend this great nation.

  2. At 68 years young I would go back in a heartbeat tried to reup for first gulf war but was told to old. More proud now than when I was in. Kids these days don’t know how good they have it. I think everyone should be required to serve at least a 2 year hitch to get their heads out their asses and see what the real world is like. Can’t stand these snowflakes and their parents

    1. As a 71 year old corpsman I can tell you it is anatomically easier to get the head in than it is to get it out. LOL

  3. I would rather go back to doing what I did for 23 years and feel a sense of well-being for having done something for my country, my fellow Americans and those who would be free…rather than being an NFLer and simply earning an inflated salary while doing nothing more than feeding my own ego!

  4. I would go back in a heartbeat. Retired in 1991 and at 68 years old my mind is still sharp even though the body is slowing down.

  5. Marines are the finest people I have ever met, I would rather serve one more day with my fellow Marines than a lifetime with the overpaid, disrespectful players of the NFL! Semper Fi!!

  6. I’m 74 and a retired Mustang Captain. You can count me in. Money don’t mean shit when not being able to live free. The oath to protect the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic has never and will never expire for me.

  7. Not as lean, not as mean so the saying goes for this old Marine, but would not hesitate to suit up for another stint in order to preserve the freedoms that we all enjoy today. Semper Fi!!

  8. I’m not as lean but just as mean and always a Marine so my answer is definitely go back in the Corps. I love my country not necessarily the government.

  9. God, Country, and Corp. I was taught this in boot camp and have tried to live up to these three principles for the past 48 years. Join the NFL, not no, Hell No!!!

  10. I would ship over even at 73 if, big if I was defending my country and not oligarchs, plutocrats, and big oil. I’m damn proud of being a USMC Sgt-Vietnam 1966/67, not the war, but I’m also damn proud of being a part of Vietnam Veterans Against the War that played a major role in stopping the illegal, immoral, unnecessary damned war. I take a knee with the NFL players protesting racism and police violence. Nothing disrespectful about it. I was a certified/commissioned law enforcement officer.

    1. As a proud US Marine, Vietnam Vet (3/9 66-67) and American Patriot, I think you are on the wrong site. There must be an anti-American, Left-wing site where you can discuss your anti-American views.

      1. Did you know Capt. Shirley? Lima 3/9 June – July 67. What are anti -American Views? this is America you can have any view you want, especially if you fought for it.

    2. “Certified/Commissioned Law Enforcement….Police violence”??? I call BS. I’m wearing motor boots and sitting on a black and white motorcycle right now and can tell you have no idea what you are talking about. Real cops don’t list a fake resume to bolster their self-perceived prowess. You are missing the whole point of this topic. Don’t put caveats on whether or not you would go back with fellow Marines. You just proved what your real answer is. If you don’t like this country- get out. I’m sure NOKO would be glad to have you. Know your audience.

  11. I would do it all over in a heartbeat. In a heartbeat. MCRD, Viet Nam, the works. One, the Corps taught me values that I probably never would have found elsewhere. I will NEVER be able to repay the debt I owe for that. Two, the people I served with rank among the greatest people who have ever walked the earth. I am in touch with some of them still today, fifty years later. If that’s not loyalty and friendship I don’t know what is! SEMPER FIDELIS!

    1. I would do it in a heartbeat even at 61 and being a Woman Marine. You’ll notice that every Marine are willing to go back because we all live by our motto “Semper Fidelis” ALWAYS FAITHFUL!!!!

  12. As an 83 year old vet I would still would stand for our constitution before I would cave in to tyranny. I feel we true patriots (most of us who have served) must speak out against the traitors on the left who want to destroy our great country.

  13. I am a 71 year old Marine. Notice I didn’t say ex Marine or former Marine. I said MARINE!!! I served as a combat Marine in Viet Nam. It was one of the scariest times of my life and you’re damn straight, I would do it again! It’s not about money, it’s about duty, honor and country. It’s about Semper Fi!! As for the NFL, I really used to enjoy football. Now if any player takes a knee or in any manner disrespects MY flag or country I will not watch that team play. Period. I take it personally. I fought for this country. Disrespect it, you disrespect me.

  14. Back in the Corps. Being part of the team and being part of something that is way bigger than any individual.

  15. 68 year old MARINE here can’t run as fast, cant do as many push ups,can’t do a lot of things I used to, but as long as my trigger finger works you can bet your sweet dreams I would go back. USMC 68-74

  16. I would go back and join the Marine Corps in a minute. But I think what people forget the reason we serived is so people have that right to voice their opinion whether you agree with it or not. Marine Corp 1979-1993 Ssgt.

  17. I am a Marine who joined in 1972 and served until I was put out on medical conditions in 1977. I did not see combat although I joined to go to Viet Nam. During the first Gulf War I went to the recruiters office and was told that when the ground war begins the corps would allow me to waive my disability and take me back to serve. The ground war began and ended within 72 hours so again I missed out. Today at 65 I would go back in heart beat. I am disgusted with the NFL I have my favorite teams to like and those to hate however since this take a knee thing has been going on I have not watched a single game. I will not support losers who disrespect our Flag our Country or those who served or these who gave all so that they can enjoy the freedom that we enjoy here. My life is better without the NFL.

  18. As a qualified octogenarian, I would ship over in a New York heartbeat (assuming, of course, that I could get my buck sergeant stripes back. The crotch would even save money on me since they wouldn’t have to put any salt peter in my Kool-aid.

  19. This old Marine would go back in a heartbeat! We Marines live by our motto Semper Fidelis and by the code of honor that NFL players will never understand or have the guts to live by. We all have a choice in life and I choose to boycott the NFL. They protest my flag then I protest their game!!! Last season I didn’t watch a single game or even the Super Bowl and will continue to boycott until the disrespect stops!!

  20. I am 41. Have never cared to watch “men” in leotards chase each other around like the little girls they are. I rather pound sand with my Brothers!

  21. I Would and Will Always Choose Duty to Country Over All Else. Athletes are not Heroes, They Will Never Know The True Meaning Of Honor, Courage and Commitment. You can Keep The Money, Ill Choose Brother Hood and The Pride Every Time.

    1. The only hero that played in the NFL is Pat Tillman. He left everything behind to serve his country.

  22. These NFL players are a bunch of spoiled brats and need to be taken to the wood shed !! I went to an elementary school for Veterans Day 2017 and a Special Needs student sang the National Anthem and, the whole time he was singing it and,It was a very emotional few minutes, I wondered if those stinkin players would have taken a knee then? Probably so ! Harry

    1. At 70 I would go back in a minute. I met some of the best people in my whole life in the Corp. My biggest regret was listening to my wife and getting out. I was in Vietnam 18 months and she was so worried I would be sent back after shipping over. My biggest regret.

  23. Of course I would serve,former sgt,two tours in Vietnam,door gunnar,ordnance,Huey gunships.At 71 would need my M60 back,so I would hit something,follow the tracers.NFL players have a right to make asses of themselves,I have the right to quit watching game and I did,didn’t miss it one bit

  24. I would go back in a heartbeat,but I did not serve in order to take away any persons First Amendment rights.I believe we are on the verge of dictatorship at this time;we should be worried about protecting the right to dissent instead of pressuring people that are only expressing an opinion in a way that is far from disrespectful to our flag.

  25. I would go back in a heartbeat,but I did not serve in order to take away any persons First Amendment rights.I believe we are on the verge of dictatorship at this time;we should be worried about protecting the right to dissent instead of pressuring people that are only expressing an opinion in a way that is far from disrespectful to our flag.

  26. Proud to have served and would be just as proud to again. Love the brotherhood and special bond with all marines. Grunt 0311 Semper Fi marines. Will not watch the NFL, I have to much respect for all who have sacrificed.

  27. I would go back in as an E-3 just for the chance to serve in the Marines again. There are moments when a person takes pride in something he/she has accomplished ; whatever that might be. When you’re in uniform (even the utilities) you always show pride in the fact that you have earn the title MARINE. The chance to serve my country again would make it just that much better. I love my country and the Marine Corps—the best 10 years of my life ( with the exception of my marriage).

  28. I would go back in a heartbeat. Give me a M-14 with a selector, and I would be happy. SEMPER FI MARINES. Haven’t seen a NFL game in 2 years, and will not watch ever again. The hell with them. OOH-RA

  29. One thing the student originator of this question should be made aware of, is that money, never has, nor ever will be the reason MARINES do what we do, We are a bunch of LOYALISTS to our COUNTRY… We took an OATH, to defend and protect our country from all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC !!! ( We seem to be seeing more of the DOMESTIC version lately ) and that’s fine… If the situation becomes necessary, we’ll take THEM on too !!! As far as I can tell, the money that the NFL players receive is excessive, as is with other sports… All I can tell, is that seems to make these ” SUPER STARS ” into self proclaimed ELITISTS… Where they seem to have an opinion of being Mightier than thou attitude, which I CHOOSE to ignore… In fact, I TOTALLY IGNORE ALL their games as well… They are all paid so well, because the PUBLIC pays to go see these games, as they charge HUGE prices… Not to mention the Memorabilia that they also sell on the side… My opinion is, if you want to bring the sports arena back to reality… STOP WATCHING THE GAMES… Both on TV, AND especially from the stands… You have to hit the AMMO DUMP to make an impact… Make the OWNERS FEEL IT !!! Until that time, they will bend over backward to keep their ” PRIMA DONNAS ” on the field… That’s their MEAL ticket… Do the owners TRULY back their players stance ??? Probably not… BUT they have to keep them on the field… They say it’s against the Police… Are there bad Police ??? You bet… However, ( as a former Police officer myself ) about 99% of them join the force to basically do the same thing we all joined the Corps for… To PROTECT those who have difficulty protecting themselves… If you ever have to deal with some of these people, perhaps THEN you would understand that on occasion, they leave you with no other alternative, but to use deadly force… Unfortunately, there is that 1% and that tends to get far too much of an opposing response… It will be dealt with appropriately departmentally… However, to form something like a ” Black Lives Matter ” movement, Which we all can agree on that YES they do… Just as much as RED lives, or YELLOW lives, or Yes, even WHITE lives… But don’t say that publically… Because the public usually has a fit, and burns down towns to PROVE it… Or Police are ambushed while eating lunch in their squad cars, or filling their cars with gas… They are MURDERED just for the uniform that they wear… If, as MARINES, we are told to do a task, we do it… No matter how dangerous… If a Police officer, gets a call, or witnesses a crime, he must act appropriately… Even if is in a neighborhood where the citizens themselves are afraid to go out at night in… But they go anyway… Because that’s why they are there… I fail to see WHY an officer can be killed in the streets just for doing their job… PROTECTING the very lives of the people that are trying to KILL him or her… There is a MARINE bumper sticker that says… ” COURAGE is being scared to death, BUT saddling up anyway… In my opinion… There should be MORE backing from the citizens in the neighborhoods, than just remaining quiet and letting all the crime that they are so afraid of, go on around them… Can you imagine the news backlash, if an officer would refuse to go into a neighborhood to save someone who is in danger ??? Semper Fi. Brothers and sisters… There, you have MY take on the matter…

  30. Semper Fi!!!! Once a Marine always a Marine, I would go back in a blink on an eye. At 67, and a Vietnam Vet, I participated in the ‘Ruck to Remember’ carrying 7000+ dog tags of those fallen in the War on Terror from Las Vegas to Fernley, Nevada on Memorial Day, will do it again next year. Go to Youtube and search for ‘Operation Battle Born’ for a video on the Ruck.

  31. I am a combat vet from the Vietnam war,1965/66. I served in Bravo Company, 1/9, (The Walking Dead), given that name by Ho Chi Mein and Gen. Giap. I would go back in against any enemy foreign or domestic, if I could. I too tried during the first Iraqi war, too old. I am currently 75, and still a Marine. Semper Fi Marines

  32. As a Vietnam vet, You better believe I would do it all again. Semper Fi for ever. 0311 grunt 1966 to 1967. The disrespectful NFL player showed to my flag and my Country. If my FLAG IS NOT GOOD EOUGH TO STAND AND RESPECTED PLEASE FILL FREE TO LEAVE; Marine for ever: June 10 2018 8:15 am

  33. I’d go active again in a “Heartbeat”. Now at 71, I’ve added enough of lifes adventures to be even more motivated! The Marine Corps is a living legend! The NFL is a dying fad. Want a real life contact experience??Semper Fi my Brothers!

  34. It’s a no-brainer. The oath has no expiration date. Desert Storm vet. Former Staff Sergeant. Always Marine.

  35. The NFL players are just a bunch of ungrateful babies. They want everything on a silver platter where do you think the silver platter comes from. It comes from the men and women in uniform who has given there lives so that they can complain about every little thing that they do not like. Go try to complain in another country that does not have the freedom that we have made for you. Then maybe you will realize how the real world works and maybe they would gratefull that we have men and women brave enough to lay down there lives for the country you live in today

  36. Richard hunt you never answered the question? As for me my time was as good as it could get. If it would mean saving one young man or women from death or an unknown future ,show me the door I’m on my way. Even if I were a mega star, the answer would be the same, I’m 67 I’ve been there done that let our young survive and prosper put me in coach. Not once have I seen any disrespect to Flag or Country or our Military by the NFL they have a right yes a right to peaceful demonstration. Just as many of us had in the late 60’s and 70’s,before we got the Coorps in our blood. Semper Fi God bless us one and all ,even our President can’t salute when saluted, or put his hand over his heart during our national anthem.

    1. Sorry Keith… The answer… Yes… I would definitely go back… Any place, any time… I served in Nam in 1966, 67, 68… I don’t care what time or place it is… Just call… I’m also in my seventies, and poor in health… But hey… No one lives forever right ??? I might need a bit of help at times, but the ATTITUDE never changes… I’ll do what I can… We are brothers after all… And each one of us would have every others back… I mean no animosity to anyone… I just think that after all we’ve been through, it would be nice if we could at least all get along at home in AMERICA … After all, what did we hope to accomplish going abroad trying to solve problems, if we can’t get it together amongst ourselves here at home ??? Now I’m referring to our CIVILIAN population… Keeping in mind that less than two percent of the population is willing to wear ANY military uniform… Looks like the odds are stacked against us… The mainstream media doesn’t seem to be helping matters any… More has been done under THIS president than pretty much any since Ron Reagan… Especially the last one… At least we’re coming back from being lowered to pre world war two standards… It’s nice to know that the TOP guy has our backs as well… I can understand if the NFL players may have a grievance … Should be handled in circumstances not quite so touchy as our fallen comrades… They fell for THEM too… If they also feel like Police are just lying in wait for them, then I suggest that everyone check the Stats on percentages of ethnics, crimes committed on whom, etc. I don’t admit to having all the answers either… But voicing a concern, while turning a blind eye to facts doesn’t change things either… Lets level with each other here okay… Being honest with each other is the FIRST step to solving our problems…

      1. Sgt Hunt has it right! Not only are the NFL players salaries inflated, their ego’s are also inflated. And, as Sgt. Hunt says: “Lets level with each other here okay… Being honest with each other is the FIRST step to solving our problems…” We spend too much of our time finding fault with each other than we do seeing what we have in common. I also served in Nam’ 65-66-67 and, If I have the right Sgt. Richard Hunt, I served with him in 1968. I also spent 28 years serving my state as a police officer and feel the same way as he. The majority of the police officers out there are proud to serve. We are the ones running into the danger while the rest are running away (kinda like when in the Corps, eh?). I too am 71 years old, I like to think I am in fairly good shape (for an old Marine), however, I would sign back up in a heart beat if needed to protect my country and my flag. God bless the United States of America!!! Land of the Free BECAUSE of the Brave.

  37. I enlisted in the Corps Jan.1963. Viet Nam combat vet 81 mortars 0341 65/66. I would go back in a heart beat. Tried during the first gulf war but was told I was to old. No one has the right to disrespect our flag. Try doing that in some other country. God, Country, Corps!!!Semper Fi til I die.

  38. I would also go back in. I miss my Marine Corp bothers. The fun we had together was priceless. Those pansies in the NFL are over paid cry babies. I love ever comment written here. SemperFi my bothers and sisters.

  39. I enlisted in Sept. 54 got out in Sept. 57 and would do it again. At 82 my mind is still alert and my body has aged a little I could still do something. Count me in I’m ready to go. Bernie Caldwell Hartford Illinois

  40. Looking forward to seeing your follow-up on the results that you have tabulated, as well as the reaction of your teacher and fellow students. Add this soon- to- be 78 year old Marine to those who would do it all again. By now you fully appreciate why Marines close with SEMPER FIDELIS!

  41. Even 50 years later, stove up as I may be, I’d go back. Don’t have to be able to run a perfect PRT to be able to lie there and pick off the enemy with an M-14, or to teach the youngsters the ‘tricks of the trade’ that kept you alive in the jungles (or how to deal with scum here at home).

  42. Im 70 yr old Viet Vet and I would go back in a second. My Family, My Country and My Corps forever. NFL has no idea what pride is.

  43. At my age 78, I cannot do everything as I used to, although I can still handle a weapon and would be able to defend a position. One never forgets training, fellow Marines and the Corps.

  44. Volunteered for Vietnam, did my 12&20 then stayed 3 months more to get an early out. Turned 73 last month and would do it again although time and hard work makes me not worth much more than a sniper. Charlie got our bomb dump at ChuLai, 2.5 milliion lbs. of ordinance went up and a 7K blast wave went over the base. Put me down and out for a few minutes, but the guys in the bunker finally woke me up and checked me out. Unexpected noises to this day stop me in my tracks. Semper Fi.

  45. Yes !! At 71 yrs young will re-up in a heart beat and stand right next to my brothers and sisters to serve my country . VIET NAM 60-70 Semper FI !

  46. I’m 70 and a Vietnam Vet. I only served 19mos. 4days and 13hrs when the Corps said they didn’t need me anymore, that was 1969. I’ve never forgotten my oath of enlistment (I was a voluteer drafty). I would still sign-up if they would let me, but since that isn’t possible, have created my own armory just in case…..
    USMC Vietnam Veteran 68-69
    aka Hardtimes 3/9 3rd Mar Div

  47. I would go back in a heartbeat, and it looks like I’d be in some pretty good company. I am disgusted by the “entitled” millionaire football players.

  48. i would rejoin the marine corps in a heart beat,even at 79 years young and go through OCS at Quantico again.. i do not have the streagth or indurness ,but still have the heart and would replace any one currently serving who does not feel the same. What those NFL players are doing is despicable. They should all be deported to Venezuela.

  49. I am 76, and would go back into the Marine Corps in a heartbeat. Like many of us who served our country, we are a family that never quits, no matter what happens. I managed 15 departments in civilian life and used the Marine Corps leadership training to its fullest. We are never old when we talk about the United States Marine Corps. I bet 90% of the NFL players never served in any branch of the military and would FAIL boot camp and cry for mommy. Semper Fi to all my Marine buddies.

  50. I served from Vietnam all the way to Iraq. I would most definitely prefer loyalty to God, country, and the Corps. There is something that I would like to add, because of our sacrifices, America has the freedom to protest and say whatever they want freely; mission accomplished.

  51. At 69 years of age i would re-up. These NFL stars are not STARS on our flag and the only stripes they carry are not red, white and blue but a big yellow one down their back. Most have done nothing for this country or their local neighborhood or even their own families. It’s all about the bones. No honor, duty, respect for the country or even team members who do support the flag. Respectfully – SSGT Chaos -won’t be watching too much football until they get their act together.

  52. Even at 56 years old would with out a doubt return to the grunts. We always had each others’ backs. Those BOYS in the NFL aren’t anything but a bunch of over paid pansie-*ssed sissies!

  53. Dear “Student”: I stand with the others who would go back “In a Heartbeat”. I was a Combat Corpsman with a Platoon of Marines (3/1, 1st.Mar.Div. ’70-’71) To this day I still have my Corpsman Attitudes & reactions. Understandably proud of keeping a few names off of “The Wall”. A full answer for you will involve you going into History to find out the “why” of today’s attitudes. You will find that the easiest way to evade the draft was to go to college and / or become a teacher. The draft-dodging teacher of yesterday became the college professor who corroded young minds with his attitudes & beliefs. Today he is likely a Tenured Academic writing his false opinions for history to record. I believe this is the root of the “H.F.M.A.F.Y” (Hooray For Me And Forget You) attitude prevalent nowadays.
    But what do I know? I’m only a “Grunt Doc”.

    1. Well said, Doc Ed! I was Doc to mainly Charlie 1/4 ’66-’67. We share the same feelings and values with many other damned good Corpsmen. I’d like to dream that the Corps would take us back… not back in time but simply back to perhaps prove something to ourselves. Even at my age of 71 next month. My spirit is willing, but my body limps a little. Just please, no safe spot in the rear- I’d try for all that I had before.

    2. “OOO-RAH DOC… You pretty much NAILED it in your report… You and the other “CORPSMAN”, as far as I’m concerned, EARNED that EAGLE GLOBE & ANCHOR, just for serving alongside the rest of us… You KNOW we’re all thankful for YOUR service !!! You’re also correct in your observance of those who TEACH our young in today’s Bastions of “HIGHER LEARNING” ??? Yeah… Now the graduates of today EXPECT to graduate, start off up at the VERY TOP, and work their way up from there… In today’s world EVERYONE gets a trophy… There are NO losers !!! ( anyone thinking this is a LOSER THEMSELVES ) !!! Getting into the REAL world will truly be a REAL SHOCK to their system… What they SHOULD be teaching them is to WORK your BUTTS off and STRIVE to be the very BEST in everything they do… Then, if they DON’T win that award… Then, next time they PUSH themselves to try even HARDER, until they DO win that award… But Nooo… The Teachers of today would rather give the boys of today, DOLLS !!! Yeah… That should really help them in a combat situation… But wait… I completely forgot, that in THESE PEOPLES WORLD, it will be a UTOPIA where EVERYONE in the world will all sit around a campfire singing Kum-by-ya !!! Now, How many of us commenting will actually BELIEVE that one ??? Many of those who went to college to avoid what we went through, are now sitting in Congress or the Senate… So, if you want to know why our PREVIOUS PRESIDENT was able to pull off what he did, ( aside from him having a phone and a pen, as he put it ) Look no further than those people… And Incidentally, to Keith… It was that PREVIOUS PRESIDENT who had a problem finding his HEART with his hand during the playing of the NATIONAL ANTHEM … And his WIFE, who stated she had a PROBLEM with our country… It wasn’t until her HUSBAND made President and started to bring us down that she had finally found RESPECT for the USA !!! So… MARINES… If I’m out of line here, please let me know… ( like I could really stop you)… But if you’re on the same page as myself, please also state that !!! SEMPER FI. BROTHERS !!! No expiration date to our OATH !!!

  54. Honor defined as I know it, is the integrity to do the correct thing, whether anyone is looking or not. I joined under the eight year obligated service program back in 1954. My Recruiter advised me there were two kinds of Marines. “Ones that have been to Korea and those who are going.” I swore the Oath of Allegiance and went to Parris Island. My GCT score was pretty high and I requested an MOS in the Air Wing. My assignment was to technological schools for almost an entire year. Upon Graduating, Orders were to report to MCAS El Toro in California. VMA-223 Marine Fighter Squadron needed an Electronics Technician to work on the APG-30 Radar Gun sight for the F9F-5 Panther Jet. Shortly afterward, the Unit was deployed to Miramar for FCLP practice and then to the Mojave Desert for bore sighting the aircraft. We then deployed to the USS Wasp CVA-18 Aircraft Carrier. While at sea for a month, the “Wasp” joined up with Task Force 77 under unknown orders in the South China Sea commencing Operations. We were near the mainland of Southeast Asia off the coast of Korea and west of Japan. Yokosuka, Japan, Iwakuni, Sasebao, Guam, Okinawa, Subic Bay in the Philippines, and Hong Kong, China were ports of call for replenishing. Being a Grunt as it were , I never questioned orders, and did what was required in my rating. Needless to say, the war was ended and we never saw any actual combat, but was prepared if need be. Near the end of 1956, we returned to the United States and back to El Toro. I loved the Sea Duty and visiting those foreign countries for short periods of time. One of the other Squadrons aboard the ship was a Navy Photo Recon Unit and I am sure there was surveillances taking place while the planes were in the air near the mainland.

  55. “Saepius Exertus, Semper Fidelis, Frater Infinitas”
    “Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever.”
    We swore an oath that NEVER expires and I will honor that oath till the day I die. The NFL has no integrity or honor, they play for pay, therefore their motivation is the almighty dollar. No man can Serve GOD or their Country and serve Money……

  56. I took an oath to defend the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I did not abandon that oath when I left the Marine Corps. I will stand in front of our flag and defend her with my life while the protected cower behind her enjoying the freedoms and liberties afforded them with the blood and sacrifices of all Veterans willing to give our last full measure of devotion to the cause or freedom. I would gladly and with great pride go back to the field and defend of ALL Americans ,even the spoiled rich “kneelers” of the NFL….NBA….et al . “Once a Marine, Always a Marine.” has a special meaning to those of us who have earned the title of United States Marine.Can Colin Kaepernick say that?

  57. If the NFL wants to protest they should take it to the streets like any other protest. And I would re-up to defend our country, but really, when have we actually defended our country since WWII?

  58. back to the active duty any day. Put all NFL plays through Parris Island or San Diego they would not last one day

  59. I am proud of my service ( 27 years regular and reserve ) and would go back if called in a heartbeat. I take my Oath to support and did defend our Constitution which allows for “millionaire Wing Nuts” to kneel during OUR SONG, OUR FLAG. Now our news media is reporting this POOR MISGUIDED SOUL cannot get a job anywhere in the NFL which is not part of the government and he now has the equivalent of a a BCD in the private sector and any others who refuse will also now be handled accordingly. Those uniforms they wear belong to the team, ours belong to us. In a few years we will read of a has been who revolted and his story will be revolting, broke, scorned and only remembered because he had a name once We are “brothers in arms” that is our riches, greet each other with “SEMPRE FI, he will not even be acknowledged by the team that spent millions on him, his jersey will not sell and he will not be allowed on the field, a trespasser . We, the FEW THE PROUD, did not do it for the money, we did it for( I am proud to say this) MOM, COUNTRY, AND APPLE PIE and we will always be THE CORPS.

  60. I joined the Marine Corps while I was still in High School at 17 years old,I wouldn’t change that for anything! The Corps paid for my High School education at the oldest Catholic High School west of the Mississippi river Saint Louis School Honolulu,HI.I became a member of the greatest brotherhood in the world. As far as the NFL if we ban together and stop buying their merchandise,going to the games and stop watching it on TV I would wager it wouldn’t be long and we would start seeing a change. Twice a day on every military installation in world colors is played over the PA system,and you had better stop and stand at attention and face the flag or have a boot in your ass!


  62. I am and always will be a Marine, and I would do it the same way all over again. I joined the military to serve and defend our country and I joined the Marines because I believed then as I do now that they are the greatest fighting force in the world. No disrespect to the other branches, but I make no apologies about saying it either. However, I DID NOT join to defend the rights of individuals to act like assholes and disrespect our country, our flag and our patriotic songs, or anything else to do with denouncing our great country. If you hate it here that much, just leave. I’m quite sure no one would complain or try to stop that person or persons from leaving. And as for the NFL…I love the game of football and watching the NFL games especially, but after what those asshole players did last year, I’ll never watch another game. The mere fact that we as Americans have the right to speak freely and act like assholes should be enough for them, but no, they need to take it a step farther by thumbing their noses at the people who watch the game. This has nothing to with police brutality – it has everything to do with getting the chance and taking the opportunity to thumb their collective noses at the majority of Americans who watch the game and love our country because they sure don’t. Imagine that….overpaid asshole thugs, who otherwise would be dealing drugs in their hometowns if they were not being paid millions to play a kids game, are taking a knee to disrespect our flag, our anthem, our country and our peoples. Sickening and disrespectful.

  63. Sgt 4/67- 10/70 once a Marine Always A Marine would go back in yesterday. The NFL players are protesting social injustices not disrespecting the FLAG. We defend the right to protest as part of our 1st Amendment. The NFL disrespects our flag at every game by displaying it on its side laying flat during the anthem, against proper flag display protocol.

  64. As a Marine Corps volunteer in 1968 and serving to 1975, I could be no more proud of my service. I would go to the field again and risk my own life to protect and defend the United States Constitution. My oath is good to the very end.

  65. The only time the flag is to be displayed laying flat is when it is covering the coffin of one of our fallen heroes . I will stand for the flag bow my head for the National Anthem in memory of a brother Marine lost in VN and kneel in honor of the fallen

  66. My father retired after 30 years in the Corps as a MGY/SGT E-9 after being in the pacific in WW2, then KOREA & Vietnam. He went to his grave saying ” I will always be a Marine” RIP DAD.

  67. I would definitely go back and fight for this country (@61 years old) in a heartbeat. As far as the nfl, protesting should be on their OWN time and NOT when they are at work (even though they get paid hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars for playing a game). They all know if they did this on the street or any place else besides a stadium, where they are “Protected”, they would get mobbed for autographs, memorabilia, body parts, etc. Hell, they would probably need OUR help to keep them safe. Semper Fi! and carry on. 9-74/9-76 0311 in 3/4 and 2/5 and an Honorably Retired Police Officer as of March 30, 2018 🙂

  68. I don’t care what NFL, NBA, or PB&Js do with their time, money or attitudes. I have the right not to watch the games, no buy over-priced sports wear or to swear at them on the field. I ‘get it’ they feel it’s about abuses and all that. What offends me more are arm-chair patriots who will sit in the stands, not uncover and / or chatter away on their phones during the National Anthem and then bad-mouth player for taking a knee. I’m also offended by a draft-dodger who wants parades and disses the players as un-patriotic.

  69. I would go back in a heart beat, the NFL knee shit heads should have been deported, they are all ungrateful cowards.

  70. Of course I would go back and defend the country. Even if there are those that are un-happy about how things are going in the US. They have that right because WE fought for that right. SEMPER FI BROTHERS and SISTERS.

  71. I think this student’s question is a total non sequitur. First, no one enlists in the Marine Corps to get rich, it is an honor to serve as a U.S. Marine. Not everyone is qualified to fulfill that honor. Second, if comparing salaries is your game, include all professional athletes on one side of the ledger and include teachers, teachers aids, nurses, medical technicians, and providers of elder care on the other as folks who do vital jobs but are vastly underpaid to do them. About those NFL players, most of them play for less than a dozen years and most spend the rest of their lives living in pain inside a body or brain that has been permanently damaged – I don’t envy them at all. In my community a large number of those active NFL athletes spend considerable time giving back to their (our) communities in various charitable and volunteer ways. Also on the subject of the NFL, those athletes protesting the institutional racism in our legal system have every right, as set forth in the 5th amendment to do just that. Protesting injustice is every bit as patriotic as serving in uniform. I proudly served as a Marine specifically to preserve that very constitution. Finally, insofar as serving in combat again, I know full well that at my age and basic level of strength and endurance I would be a hindrance on the battle field and would not want to compromise the safety of other Marines by having them have to look out for my enfeebled self. The soul is willing but the flesh is now weak. I serve today by honesty in all of my dealings with others, pulling my weight at work and in the family, by staying informed and voting. Semper Fi, Marines.

  72. He’ll yeah I would go back on active duty again. My step-son is at Pendleton now. I was active duty 6/92 to 6/96.

  73. It’s not a question I would fight for my country in a heart beat. I was in the Corps in 67 fought in Nam. So I will fight again.

  74. No doubt I would join in with fellow Marines. I love this country and all it’s diversity. We live in a country that has more freedoms than others. Without brave service members, this country and the citizens of it would not have the right to do even half the things they enjoy doing daily. Good to another country and try doing the same as you do in the USA. Your punishment will be much greater than a Twitter comment, or o opinions of fellow citizens. Marine or NFL? MARINE any day!

  75. I would ” fall in saddle up, get off my dead ass and on my dying feet ” at 82 and defend my country. Semper Fi to all my Marine buddies old and young. We all share the same DNA.

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