Reached The Rank Of Sergeant

Marble Mountain 1970 Sgt Pflughoeft

Boot Camp San Diego ’69, trained as a jet engine mechanic, arrived in country Sept. ’70 assigned to the HMM-364 Purple Foxes, never got to work on one engine… assigned as a door gunner, and crew chief in training, reassigned to HMM-165 at Futema MCAS and qualified as crew chief, after an overseas tour I was assigned to HMX-1 from ’71 to ’73, served 4 years, and reached the rank of SGT E5.

Both photos are before and after… ’70 at Marble Mt. Viet Nam, second photo is at Pop A Smoke Helicopter/Tilt Rotor Association at Miramar, CA. That helo flew in Viet Nam, and retired in the fall of 2015 and is on display at the air and space museum at Dulles Air Port, VA.

Semper Fi my brothers, live life to the fullest every day!

Chuck Pflughoeft, Sgt

Static helo display at Pop A Smoke Assoc in Miramar, CA

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  1. I served in Vietnam August 1969-1970 at Marble Mt worked for HMMS 16 and gunned for HMH 463. I was a Crew Chief and worked on 46’s, HUE’s, Cobra’s, and 53’s.

  2. After graduation from Spartan School of Aeronautics in Dec. 1950 with my A&P (A&E back then) I was 20 years old and 1A in the draft my choices were slim. In Jan. I joined the Marines. Of course I had my eye on the air wing. Apparently the folks upstairs thought a mechanic would be good in heavy machine guns. Once at Quantico, in a heavy machine gun platoon, I applied for transfer to aircraft. Once again the “thinkers” sent me to aircraft school. Guess what, I was top Marine in the class. It was all a review for me. The top Marine in the class was to receive his choice of three (3) duty stations. I picked Miami Fl. (3rd air wing), Quantico or Cherry Point. Again the “thinkers” struck. 20th draft to Korea. So, OK I’ll go with the flow. When we got to Japan we were assigned our duty stations. I was assigned to MWSS-1, in Japan. The Engineering Chief was a graduate of Spartan in 1938. He saw my record. I made S/Sgt. in about 26 months. Question: Does education help?

  3. Don, thanks brother for your service. I entered service soon after graduating High School. Not much going on and college was a hope of the future when money was no longer the circumstance. Shortly there after, joined the USMC, off to Parris Island, SC then to ITR at Camp Gieger/Lejune for infantry training, finally landing in Kaneohe, Hawaii., From there, you could find me and a few good brothers with boots on the ground in 1961 serving with 1st Radio CO, a unit that holds the honor of having first boots on the ground in Vietnam in 1961. We had elements stationed both in Saigon and Pleiku. Left the Corps in 1965 and was able to use my military training and skills and contacts to get a job at NSA, Ft. G.G. Meade; and finishing with an excellent 30 year career by continuing to defend this great nation.

  4. I was with 1st MAW MWCS-1 in Danang 70-71. I took a few trips with a couple of different Helicopter Squadrons while I was in country, all off Marble Mountain. My memory is not so good, I do not remember what ones they were. I left the “country” and became a jet engine mechanic on the “Harriers”. Go figure isn’t it just like the CORPS to put us not where we want but where we belonged all along. SEMPER FI brothers.

  5. I think I knew chuck we could never pronounce his name I also got in country in September 1970 I went to hams -16 power plants I did fly door gunner with 463

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