Roses and Dog Tags Tattoo

I have this awesome tattoo that I would love to share. I however am not in the Marine Corps….just a very proud wife! I support my husband 200% in his choice of being a Marine. He has been in for 14 years this July and I’m still proud of him and love the lifestyle and the life we have made together! Anyways, this is my tattoo….it is his dogs tags to support him. One has his dog tag information and the other one has the same information as the other, only I changed out the SSN on the one and put in our wedding date. The Red Roses are the Marine Corps spouses flower…so the circles around my ankles and falls down the front….to show that no matter what we are always one…..and the cross is to show our faith in our marriage and god! I hope you add it to the growing display of other tattoos! Jaclyn K Jones

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